Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I won!

It was my staff awards to yesterday night and the second one I've been too. Last year we had a school disco party in a club, but we're not allowed to have alcoholic events anymore do to complaints, under 18 staff and the fact that there's always drama. (There was drama anyway, since people went drinking afterwards).

Anyway! I helped sort out the awards, I got those cute little trophies (sorry for the picture quality, it's off my bf's phone), and stuck labels on them, and people voted me for the "Biggest Clumsy Fool"! Yay! I was going for that one :D I didn't win anything last year, and half put that category in to see if I'd win lol, I am always injuring myself. I did on Halloween, by cutting my arm on my dress of all things, not whilst pumpkin carving haha (my boyfriend was actually really worried about me carving the thing!).

It was lots of fun, despite working before hand, and the stress of trying to sort out the awards and certificates before meeting everyone.  Bowling wise, I am atrocious though! But I did get better in the end though, but we had the sides up :P

P.s This is also the second post for NaBloPoMo out of thirty days.

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