Thursday, 28 February 2013

Regal Rose Wishlist

Long time, no blog, yet again! I suck as a blogger, so sorry if anyone still reads my little old blog here. I am here now, with a lot of time off work now so I really need to do a whole load of things before my hours go back up again.

I was looking at lots of pretty jewellery tonight and thought, it's been awhile since I made a wishlist so here we are! All of these pieces are from Regal Rose and they are gorgeous and pretty and most of them are on sale! Sadly, I am trying not to buy anything new for awhile as I recently went on holiday to see my bf in Portugal, and just before I went my car broke down yet again! (That car has it in for me I swear) so I really need to stop buying things. But a wishlist doesn't hurt right? And it's my birthday in April so who knows, might ask someone to buy me all these pretties! 

Oh yeah my laptop is now working again, but I have to be very careful I don't move it as the charger connector bit is the thing that's playing up, making it not charge and I don't have any money to fix it right now. On the bright side, of all the broken things I own, I managed to "fix" my iPod before going to Portugal (I hate travelling without music) and my car was fixed just before I came back, so yay! Fingers crossed nothing else breaks for me!

P.s I just noticed the type in Vintage Locket, I just did it again as I typed it! Please ignore it, and if you hadn't seen it till I pointed out, oops!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Keeping Warm

Keeping Warm

My laptop's actually having a few issues right now so I've been borrowing my brothers computer, and have none of my photos or photo editing devices. While I have been able to make a dent in my blog reading (and even leaving a few comments!) I haven't been able to blog like I wanted to. So! I decided to go on Polyvore! I love polyvore, but it really makes me feel sad that I don't own the above things!

So I know it's Winter, and I have an Autumn themed background but forget about that for now, yes? I've always wanted a lovely red winter coat, but I have yet to find one that I love, and also can afford... the coat above is gorgeous, but I think my dream coat would include a hood too!

I love wearing dresses, but its so cold in winter so I'd wear cable knit tights (or more realistically, leggings) and boots. Obviously I'd wear gloves, a hat and a scarf (I'm really digging snoods right now) and I like wearing scarves which are the same colour of my coats but in a different shade.

Add in a cute bag where I can fit in all my essentials, purse, phone, umbrella, gloves etc and I'm set for a Wintery walk! Which may or may not be to and from my car atm as its freeeeezing! And meant to be snowing! We haven't had any yet that's stuck around for longer than a few minutes and we're near the sea so we might not get any. Hope everyone stays safe though where it's snowing! And that they have fun making snowmen! 

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Winter: Instagrammed

Saying goodbye. Glossybox. Blonde hair! Baby Mason. Cupcakes.
New Skates. Bloody Misty. Jack Skellington Pumpkin. Pikachu onesie. She Said Beauty.
Breakfast in Paris. Disneyland. Hassling the Hoff. Hen Night. Chocolate fountain,
Bride and Groom. I like cake. Jetting off to Portugal. Nerf Guns. Stila Makeup.
Christmas Bokeh. Me and the boy. Ho Ho Ho mug. Boxing day. New Years Eve. 
Well.... above is a little Insta-catch-up of what I've been up to over Winter, if you take away a lot of work, and um, sleeping... and the occasional catch up with friends. I'll roughly do a paragraph per row of photos/month!

In September (Holy Crow! That's a long time ago!) I said goodbye to my boyfriend as he moved to Portugal! It sucked, but I'm okay now. I received lots of Glossyboxes and She Said Beauty Boxes (second row). I dyed my hair blonde! It was horribly yellow and then I dyed it  dark blond, which turned brown, and faded to a nice natural looking blonde, but I desperately need to sort out my roots! My friend had her baby! Mason is soooo tiny and gorgeous and oh my gaaawd I need to snuggle with him right now. Oh and I also did a lot of baking.

In October I bought all of the roller derby kit, which cost quite a lot but it was worth it. I bought those dashes above, and the knee pads and helmet and what not. I'm meant to be going up for min skills at the end of Jan but we've had weeks off 'cause off Christmas so I'm not sure I'll make it this time, but you never know. For Halloween I finally dressed up as Misty from Pokemon. I've wanted to do that for aaages but never did, and I made it more halloweeny with blood of course! It was also the second year of pumpkin carving for me and I did Jack Skellington. I think he looks good but I need more practice! I bought a Pikachu onesie ready for a blanket fort party, and I want to wear it everywhere now.

In November, I went to Paris for my friends hen weekend. We also went to Disneyland and it was awesome, I'll blog about it another time. We also had a hen night for her a week before the wedding which was fun, we had loads of dares which I didn't do and bought shots instead as the alternative! (No way was I flashing my bra! In Public! When I was wearing a dress! :O ) I hassled the hoff and other 80's men in the photo above in Reflex. My friend also had to carry around Simon. He was a naked blow up doll and looked a little bit like Simon Cowell hence the name. I covered up him up for that photo though haha.

Then it was also my friends wedding! It's crazy, they've been together since we were all 15-16, that was 7-8 years ago now! They're also the ones who had Mason, so even though its strange to me to think that she's married with a baby at 22, it also feels like it's about darn time! They had a gorgeous wedding, with a chocolate fountain and pic n' mix! Awesome! I wasn't actually a bridesmaid, but during the grooms speech he thanked the bridesmaids and included me at the end! I think I was originally going to be a bridesmaid if she was having six, but she went for four in the end. Oh wells, I still had fun! But my brother was best man grrr (just joking about the grr).

In December (well end of Nov) I then jetted off to Portugal! I went to Coimbra to visit my boyfriend which I'll also blog about another time. But it was pretty fun going to two different countries in the same month! I attended a Blanket Fort (from Community) party as well in December, where I wore my Pikachu onesie, and had epic nerf fun wars. I was, very competitive lets say and total won! And I did loads of Christmas shopping but couldn't help but buy the Stila eye make up palette above, its beautiful. I debated for weeks whether to get it or not and finally caved.

So end of December my boyfriend came home, which wasn't as long as I liked. We fit in quite a lot while he was here though, seeing his family, friends, going for drinks, seeing films in the cinema, ice skating etc. We also celebrated Christmas and he spolit me rotten again, but I spoilt him too so it's okay! And then for New Years, we went over some work friends house and played beer pong, sung karaoke (or in my case I filmed them!) and had lots of fun!

So that's a brief gist of what I've been up to. Or rather what I instagrammed. I forget to use it for days at a time but oh well. You wouldn't really want me to write up every tiny detail of my life anyways! So I'm hoping I'll get back into the swing of blogging, and I need to do some catching up on other peoples blogs! It's a very daunting task!

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

New Year Resolutions

Okay, long time no see.... I hope everyone had a nice Christmas, New Year, Halloween... oh and I guess the whole of Winter? Yeah I know I posted awhile back that I would be back, but um, I guess I didn't! Sorry! I haven't really been up to much except for work. It's a horrible pattern of work-sleep-work-sleep. I was so excited today to get a lay in that I thought I'd better finally actually post something! And what better than my New Year Resolutions? Oh its the 8th of January? Doesn't matter! I'll post them anyway!

Number one on the list, is of course, to be Healthy! Like everyone else on the planet. I want to start doing exercise more regularly (I'm doing roller derby once a week so that's a start) and I need to sort out my diet. I'm not going on a diet, but I want to have a more healthy version of what I'm eating and drinking. So less fizzy drinks, more fruit, less eating late at night, go to bed early, have breakfast sort of thing. Ideally I'd like to lose a stone and drop a dress size.

Creativity! Is second on the list. This includes a whole range of things. I want to try and do something creative every day. I want to blog regularly again, I want to create a shop and its contents, create a visual diary, finish half finished projects, do a photo challenge and so much more!

Thirdly, for this year, I really, really, really want a new job! I hate shift work, I have no routine, I only know what I'm working a week in advance, I don't get two days off in a row, and my day off is usually after a close so I tend to sleep through most of the day anyway. I don't get paid that much and its not the career I want. So in order to get my dream job of working with children, I need to start volunteering again! My hours in work should drop a bit since it's January, so I'm going to use that time for good!

Socialise! Is on the list at number four. As I've mentioned, I mainly working so I haven't had that much of a chance to socialise. I do go to the occasional thing, but I need to make it a regular thing. I haven't seen some friends in months and one of my friends had a baby who I've only a seen a few times. I also want to do more, like go to ore gigs (I didn't go to any in 2012!) and visit more places, go to more craft fairs etc. Normally I'd get my boyfriend to do things with me, but he lives in Portugal now and I can't depend on him. 

Fifth on the list is, to Declutter!!! Oh my gosh, you have no idea how bad my room is atm! I have a tiny box room filled with 22 years worth of stuff. I can't even see my floor its that ridiculous. I have a floordrobe like most people, so I need to get rid of tonnes of clothes, and loads of miscellaneous things. I still live at home, and my mum wants to move in the next year so I really need to declutter, and when I finally move out then I don't have to leave loads of things behind, I can take everything with me. 

Lastly, is my sixth New Year Resolution, I only chose six, but this is kind of cheating, to have Four Goals every month. I saw this idea from Elise and Emma at A Beautiful Mess. They have Four Goals every month, big or small it doesn't matter. I thought this would be a nice way to keep the whole New Years Resolutions going throughout the year. I'll post my four things later this month and hopefully I'll keep up with them, even if I don't keep up with the rest of my Resolutions!

So there we are, my New Year Resolutions! I failed last years and hopefully won't fail these and hopefully, I'll be back again soon!

P.s I just read last years resolutions, and they are shockingly very similar! Oh dear! I really need to sort my life out haha!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Quick Little Post

Okay so here's a quick little post because I really have not blogged, in forever!!! I thought I'd better pop by and say I'm alive if anyone really does keep checking my blog. I thought I'd better do it now, otherwise it'd be December and I'd not have blogged for yet again another month.

Basically, I've been working all of the days and I'm exhausted. I've done a few 6 days in a row, and I don't really get two days off in a row anymore. So on my one day off I'm mainly catching up on sleep (my sleeping pattern is crazy right now), trying to see friends and I went on a Hen Weekend! I wish I'd been doing more fun things that were keeping me busy, but sadly not. I've barely even had a chance to skype with my boyfriend. He moved to Portugal in September and we talk most days using an app, but I've been too busy working to try to arrange long chats face to face via skype. Which is kinda good in a way because I'm too busy to miss him terribly but I get to see him in less than two weeks, yay!

So a bit of a rambly post, I will try to sort out a normal post soon, and reply to comments, and maybe do a few competitions I think I've missed about 5....and I am really scared to catch up on my blog reading! I know I could just start from scratch and not catch up but I don't want to miss things! I would catch up tonight, but surprise surprise, I'm closing! I really need to sort out my online life, oh and my real life too! Ha.