Sunday, 30 October 2011

Gower Heritage Center

Turned out I only had one day off, but it was still fun, I went to the Gower Heritage Center to go see the cute animals. I have lived no more than an hour away from this place all my life, and gone down to that area many times to go to the beach or for walks when I was younger, but I never came here until I was 21! I went with my boyfriend and his family, he's got a young niece and cousin and it was a nice day out, freezing though! I took loads of photos on his iPhone and decided to put a small selection of them up, because animals are cute darnit!

 Evil baby ducks!

Nice hairdo!

Running straight at us!

The pond area, the chickens roamed free around it.

O hai there mister goat!

Pony :)

Just strutting his stuff. (I know chickens are girls, and boys are roosters but I like calling them "he's").

Look at the feathers on this guy, look at the feet! 

You talkin' about me?!


Keeping an eye on the ducks, didn't you know chickens and ducks don't get on?!

Impatient little hen.

Pretty little birdie.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Feeling pretty meh

I've not had the best few days recently. I've been working loads, so haven't had much spare time. I hate half term and how busy everywhere is, especially in work, but I suppose that means more shifts which means more money (for Christmas presents and my car!). I found out about something which really upset me the other day, I'm both angry and sad about it but I can't do anything about it which is so frustrating! I've not been getting that much sleep, and I'm a wimp who gets ill after not getting a good nights sleep two nights in a row, so I'm not so slowly loosing my voice, and am coming down with a cold.

But, just one more shift tomorrow then I have a few days off, including Halloween, so yay. I'm dressing up as a witch, I think the last time I did I was Trick or Treating years and years ago lol, and hopefully going to a house party after seeing a play. I'm also planning to apply for a job, before the deadline ends this weekend, I'm terrible at that >.<, I need to do them on time! I'd also like to show a few things I've bought recently, and to make some crafty posts.

I'm fed up of just posting short paragraphs or bullet points, they're not very pretty are they? But I think if I keep posting, it'll keep me in the habit of making blog posts. That's why all the countless other blogs I've made have ended, because I'd leave too long a gap and not really want to post, I felt like it had to be something really interesting after all that time, so I never really did. When something did come up, I felt like I had to recount everything that's happened since the last one as well, that's what I used to do with writing diaries until I couldn't take it anymore and just stopped writing them. I'm just weird with writing I guess :P and I'm pretty tired now, so this is just rambling, I think I'd better be off to bed.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

What I've been up to

Buying my car
Driving everywhere
Working lots
Cuddling the boyfriend
Birthday house parties
Catching up with my old housemate
Christmas Shopping
Coming third in pub quizzes
Coming somewhere in the middle in pub quizzes
Watching Glee from the start
Seeing family who are visiting from England
Being clumsy and getting lots of new scrapes and bruises
Planning lots of blog entries which are hopefully more interesting than this
Writing lists instead of going to sleep when utterly exhausted from barely sleeping over the past few days 'cause of work and house parties, like now!

Monday, 17 October 2011

A-Z of me!

Well I haven't blogged in about a week, I've been busy and barely home, so here's a quick one. I saw this A-Z list on Ella's blog, which is a pretty different way of writing lists about yourselves, well I haven't come across this particular one before anywho.

A. Age: 21
B. Bed size: Cabin bed
C. Chore that you hate: Washing dishes, if they've been left in the sink with gross water.
D. Dogs: I want a husky and labrador puppy. 
E. Essential start to your day: Hitting the snooze buttons a few times.
F. Favorite color: Right now, teal, it changes.
G. Gold or Silver: Silver, goes with more of my things.
H. Height: 5’5"
I. Instruments you play: Used to play the Clarinet, I really need to buy a new one and start again.
J. Job title: I work in a cinema, looking for a job in a primary school though.
K. Kids: I don't have any now, but I'd like to have four.
L. Live: Swansea, Wales.
M. Mother’s name: Gaynor
N. Nicknames: Leese, Billybob (from a guy way back in collage lol)
O. Overnight hospital stays: None, unless you count the time I was born?
P. Pet peeves: People who walk so slowly in front of you and stop in doorways, get outta mah way plz!
Q. Quote from a movie: My friends and I usually adapt the line from Superbad about Steven Glansberg to situations, "Don't leave me in town alone like i'm fucking Steven Glansberg"
R. Right or left handed: Righty
S. Siblings:  I have an older brother, and two younger ones.
U. Underwear: Um what?
V. Vegetable you hate: I only have a handful I like, but I really can't stand mushrooms!
W. What makes you run late: Sleep. If its a choice between breakfast and sleep, I'll choose to sleep more. 
X. X-Rays you’ve had: Three times breaking my left hand, and twice for spraining, and once on my right hand after it was stuck in a mini bus door for a few minutes. 
Y. Yummy food that you make: Egg fried rice! I inhale it!
Z. Zoo animal: Pandas, giraffes, lions and penguins! And any baby animal that is there ^_^

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I went to the races on Sunday for the first time, for my boyfriends brothers birthday. It was very foggy, windy and drizzly and we were outside for over four hours! But it was fun.

They even had owls there! I took a few photos, but this was one of the only ones who posed. I love Barn Owls, they remind me of Hedwig from Harry Potter. Oh that reminds me, I once held baby Indian owls, they were so cute, I should put the photos up one day.

There were a lot of people, some were very dressed up, some were very casual. I like to think I was sortof in the middle but I dressed for warmth. But I wore leggings, as did the other girls in the group, never again! Must wear jeggins when it cold out!

My first bid. I kept saying I was voting on horses instead of betting >.< I know, I know. I didn't win anything then, but out of the eight races, I won twice, (well, in the top three once, and won once). I only won about £14 in total, and lost more than that, but it was fun, and addictive! My boyfriend won over £70 on once race and he was set, lucky devil! lol.

Some horses, it was fun wondering who would win, but hard to remember which horse was which on their jackets. The ones I seemed to bet on, always had other jockeys wearing similar colours.

One of my horses that I bet on didn't even finish.... he freaked out before the start of the race. I found out then though, that if you just show up for the race, you get £100 and it doesn't matter where you come or if you finish, so that's why the made him run.

One last picture just to show how foggy it was, it was a bit surreal, reminded me of the film Silent Hill (I haven't played the game) where the fog is everywhere. It was a fun day and I'd go again, but preferbly when its warmer and I'd limit my betting, at least it was only small bets eh?

Monday, 10 October 2011


Second attempt with three minors! I'm so glad I've finally passed. I've been learning to drive on/off for two years now. I've been able to drive for ages and I would have passed my first test if I wasn't so darned nervous! So it's nice to know I don't have to have any more driving lessons and I can finally get a car and no more buses!!! (That's the best part! :P)

Friday, 7 October 2011

What I wore #4, #5 and #6

Not the most creative of titles but that's what it's about. I'm behind on blogging, as in what I wanted to do. I did a to-do list the Wednesday before which I was meant to review the Wednesday just gone, but I haven't, oh well. I've been busy working or down my boyfriends, so haven't had that much time to post. One of the things I wanted to do, was illustrate my outfits every day for a week, like Ellamasters. This I have done, but I haven't painted the last two and I'm too tired to do that now, so you just get three. Plus, I think it'll look nicer than posting them ALL at once, three and two are better than five in a row. So here we go! They're not that interesting.

I found this outfit really hard to draw, the dress/top tunic was really difficult. I hate drawing the sleeves, but this was the best I could do. Also my owl necklace kept looking like a fish >.< and I need to work on the hair ooops, was meant to be a messy bun.

I really liked this one, wish the legs were more symmetrical but I don't really mind, but the colour is off by a lot. It wasn't so off when I painted it, but its meant to be more brown, way more brown than here, where it looks orange! I love my onesie though :)

Hate this drawing! My drawings seem to be getting smaller and smaller! Not what I wanted to do at all. The pen I used seemed to be runny, so I hate the outlines, but I loved wearing that outfit. It was perfect for a not so sunny day. I have two more, I think, to round up the week, then I'll only do it when I feel like it, so the blog won't be bombarded with them! Hopefully I'll be getting the scanner to work by then too so it'll be prettier on here! 

I'm going to be busy the next few days so I won't be posting much. Working tomorrow, which I wish I wasn't. I fell down the stairs yesterday and now my big toe is swollen and bruised, and working tonight for only four and a half hours hurt a bit, so tomorrow will be worse :( Then have a mock driving test, then watching The Lion King 3D with my boyfriend, can't wait! I haven't seen it in years. Then on Sunday I'll be going to the races for my boyfriends brothers birthday. Never been before so that'll be interesting, I hope it doesn't rain! Then Monday I have my real driving test, so I'm really nervous. Hopefully the next post will say I've passed. It's my second attempt, and I failed the last one since I was so nervous, I went into first gear from sixth gear TWICE! Damn shaky hands, I really don't blame him for failing me. If I fail this time though, I'm taking medication next time, wish me luck!

Thursday, 6 October 2011

What's in my bag #1

I've been wanting to do a 'What's in my bag' post for awhile now but decided to do one today after seeing it on Madam Thumbs blog. I first found out about it on Flickr when I came across the What's in your bag group. I did one in 2008 which I'll include at the bottom of this post, and its interesting to see what I always have with me and what I don't. My camera is still on the wonk, but a bit less smudgy after I tried cleaning it. I still need a new camera though, I have to think how to angle the camera so I can crop the black line out and still get a nice picture. Too. Much. Work.

  • I'm carrying one of those giant Primark canvas bags since I find they hold everything I need, plus if I go shopping I can put it all in there. I never really liked using plastic bags, but now since they're charging there really is no point. It also has enough room in it for a change of clothes/work uniform and my coat.
  • I have an umbrella, also from Primark since you never know when it rains. Usually I just get umbrella's from the lost and found box in work, if no one's collected them in months, since I lose them or break them all the time.
  • My make up bag, not really much make up in there though.
  • Receipts and bus tickets, most of them are in my purse.
  • Dry shampoo! I love using this after work, I have to wear a hat, and hat hair sucks!
  • Cheapy Tecso spray, it smells lush. Everyone always asks what it is when they smell it lol.
  • Cheapy Tesco hand cream, I go through loads, in fact I need some now!
  • A plaster, since you never know? I'm so clumsy.
  • Make up powder from Tesco, the lids broken so I'm using a bobble to keep it together. I use Benefit powder at home, but I've dropped two in the past and it goes everywhere and its so expensive I use Tesco when out and about, and that has been dropped a few times too as you can see.
  • Usb stick, for swapping films and music and had my old dissertation on it.
  • iPod nano in a pretty blue colour which you can't see. If i'm on the bus without it I want to kill myself, a lot of chavs and crazy people get on my bus :(
  • Broken hairbrush, I usually have a cute kokeshi doll one which I've lost.
  • Student discount booklet from the freshers fair.
  • Lego mini figures! Me and my boyfriend collect them, I should do a post on that one day haha. These ones are a Zookeeper and a man in a Hazard suit.
  • My Sony Ericsson phone, I recently had to buy a new replacement one, there was so much hassle, don't go with the Carphone Warehouse! Or if you do, don't go on their insurance, sucks.
  • Monster energy drink. I needed energy for work yesterday and it was buy two for £2 so why not.
  • Brisingr by Christopher Paolini, I keep forgetting to give it back to my friend, so it's living in my bag at the moment, and is very heavy >.< 
  • Cute little hand bookmark thing, I have it in a few colours ^_^
  • Sketchbook from Paperchase, with string tied around it to hold loose papers. The outfit posts I draw are in there.
  • Inky black pen, hello kitty pencil and a random pencil.
  • A bucket, yes a bucket, from a Nando's stall at the freshers fair. My boyfriend gave it to me today, so that's why it's in my bag.
  • Purse from accessorize. You can't see the details in this picture, but its so pretty.
  • Cute camera case from Paperchase.
  • Diary and pen from Paperchase, to keep track of my life, otherwise I forget! It has elephants on it :)

  • My make up bag is from H&M, I was tempted to buy it in all the patterns.
  • Soap & glory Bright Here, Bright Now instant-radiance energy balm.
  • Primark mascara, which is actually pretty good considering how cheap it was, it was only meant to be as a back up, I keep losing things!
  • Face cream incase of spots.
  • Free liquid eyeliner from a random magazine, can't remember what, but I got it for this. It's amazing, but I don't know the make so I can't buy it again :(
  • Eyeliner from Accessorize.
  • Blusher from Bourjois Paris. I love the little brush that comes with it.
  • Burts Bees lipbalm, with all the label off which I've just noticed now, weird.
  • Some hairgrips.
So that was what was in my bag today, and here is what was in my bag three years ago! I should really do these more often, but its nice to see what's changed in such a large amount of time.

  • My friend went to Kenya and had this bag made for me <3
  • Wreck This Journal which I've doodled stars on the front. I really need to carry on with that.
  • Old Sony Ericsson phone, I really do love the make, with a cute giraffe phone charm.
  • Old Billabong purse which was a christmas present, with two keyrings, one with my name on, the other saying I'm addicted to bed.
  • Jigglypuff and Wigglytuff, pokemon toys for my One Obect 365 Days Project.
  • Spare batteries.
  • Receipts.
  • Key to my house with a ribbon, which I've lost.
  • A stapler, I was looking to buy staples to match I think.
  • Old iPod nano.
  • Doctor who notebook.
  • Cheapy biro.
  • Tesco make up powder.
  • Ted baker travel body spray thing.
  • Nivea hand cream.
  • Hair brush.
So as you can see, a few things haven't changed at all, but I do carry way more things now. I'm not sure whether I should try to cut down or not! Anyway it was fun doing this, so I'll try to keep doing it every few months or so. It's also really addictive going through the group I linked to above's photos, I just find it really interesting to see what is in peoples bags.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Golden Snitch

Something arrived for me in the post today. The Golden Snitch necklace I'd ordered from Wallpaper Rose had arrived! The packaging was really cute, I love brown wrapping paper and string, it's simple, yet wonderful. I couldn't wait to open it, but wanted to take a picture first, since it was so pretty.

Inside the package was the necklace, wrapped up with a ribbon and tissue paper, and also a business card and a badge! I didn't even order that, so that was a lovely surprise. I really like getting cute business cards, I have a small collection mainly from exhibitions I've been too, but I really want to do something with them all.

And last but not least, the necklace! I love Harry Potter, and want to knit a Gryffindor scarf but haven't got back round to doing it yet. Anyway, I like Harry Potter related items that I can wear and I like that the necklace is subtle and not 'in your face I love Harry Potter!'. 

Wallpaper Rose is a good company to order from. They have a range of necklaces which I'm lusting after, but had to let myself only pick one, sad times, and I really, really want one of the Jen Tees which I've seen a few bloggers wear, but alas, they are out of stock. As soon as they are back in though I am going to buy one! Which colour though, I have no clue!

Monday, 3 October 2011


This is my neighbours cat, Mattie.  She is gorgeous and cute and little a little ball of energy. I've really missed having a cat, and she comes into the house sometimes if the doors open. Half the time we don't know she's even in here and she can scare the hell out of us! But usually we know, she runs around the place and you can hear her breathing. She has allergies, I don't know what to, and has this cute little wheezy thing going on, but she's actually really fine with breathing!

So she comes in and demands attention by looking cute, I can't help but drop what I'm doing and scratch her chin or her belly. The photos are really bad, since she doesn't stay still ever! She's constantly on the move, so it's really hard to capture a picture of her. I've been stuck inside a lot lately feeling ill, so she was a nice distraction for awhile.

I must seem like a crazy cat lady, posting pictures of a cat I don't even own! But when she comes over, I wish I could cat nap her, but I don't reckon my neighbours would like that! You know, I've never even met my neighbours properly. They moved in when I was living on campus, and when I came back to live at home, they ignored me, I said Hi to them once and they half glanced over and carried on talking to my mum, as if I wasn't even there! Bah humbug, I'm not going to bother with them again now, but I'll give their cat attention any time she trots in :)

Sunday, 2 October 2011


It was my friends 22nd birthday today and this is what I gave her for her birthday. A cute little purse, her initial and I painted a card. Can you sense a polka dot theme? I tried the card a bit in the style of the outfit posts I draw, but changed the feet. I don't like how the legs and feet turned out but oh well. I really like how the hair turned out, and prefer it being simpler with less lines. The scene makes sense to us, a memory from the Summer, so it doesn't really look like a typical birthday card. She said she always looks forward to my cards on her birthday, so that makes me feel like people do enjoy my home made cards!

I was meant to be doing something small like ice cream if warm enough, or coffee if cold enough for her birthday, but I'm ill. Bleh! I have horrible cramps and the left side of my hip is hurting when I move, so I'm walking with a limp. Why yes I am an old woman it seems! I'm hoping I pulled something without realising and it'll be better soon if I rest, so yay to having a few days of work! Ideally I'd love to clean my room, like a huge spring clean, or rather Autumn clean but I am relying heavily on pain meds at the moment!

Anywho, my plans for today are to put my pajamas back on, and to snuggle in bed watching films, maybe reading and checking out teh interweb!

Saturday, 1 October 2011

What I wore #2 and #3

My equipment! Paints are from when I was in college, and a hello kitty pencil I've had for awhile! I bought a sharpener and paintbrush set today after work so I can actually drawn and paint yay! I've got two posts up, since I'm trying to draw what I've worn every day, but I'm not including todays since I haven't done it yet, so that'll be in tomorrow along with other stuff hopefully. Oh I just realised I forgot to put the pen in, ah well.

I still need to work on the whole editing thing and possibly scanning, since the blurryness kills me! and I have to use flash to make it less blurry and I'd rather not. Anyway first attempt at a watercolour outfit. I think I need some more practice but overall I like it. Colours of the skirt should be more red but I'd painted on that patch too much and it was soggy and ripped a bit, so I gave up. As written above I had lots of fun! And I think my costume was a better outfit that what I wore that day.

I wish I hadn't inked around the cheeks now, but you live and you learn I guess. I hate drawing legs and arms and hands and feet so they're rather shapeless. I tried drawing hands like Ellamasters shows you in her tutorial, but they just looked freaky when I drew them like that, wah. I really love that smocky top above, which I have in black too. They are perfect for hot sunny days, I just wish I had them in more colours!  The friend is actually my mums friends daughter who spent a lot of time living in France and Hungary recently, so it could be from another country or from here, who knows, I don't recognize the label inside.

Anywho! I'm hoping that my drawing skills will increase! and painting skills and editing skills and whatnot. I've also bought another little sketch book today I'll use for writing down random thoughts, lists and doodles.