Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Years Eve

New Year's Eve, London 2010 by bowroaduk

New Year's Eve, London 2010, a photo by bowroaduk on Flickr.

Is everyone excited for the New Year? How is everyone spending it? I'm excited but I'm not doing anything special. Some years I go to house parties (including a Murder Mystery themed night) or I just stay in and watch Jools Holland on the TV with my mum, I don't really mind what I do. I've never gone out to town though because I hear its INSANE! Tonight I'll be going down my boyfriends, and maybe have one or two drinks with him, his housemate and his girlfriend, and of course I'm going to dress up a bit, I might wear a blue playsuit! I have yet to wear it! I'm really excited to kiss my boyfriend at midnight since I've never kissed anyone after the countdown despite having boyfriends on New Years Eve, just I didn't see them lol. I'm excited for the New Year because its a new fresh start and I think that's why most people love the new year, and make all those resolutions! I have yet to make mine, and I hardly ever stick to them but I still love making them. I used to write in a diary every day, and I would write in my resolutions, and then compare them from the year before and do a sort of review on how well I did, so maybe I could bring that tradition here, except I don't think I made any last year, ooops! So instead I'll recap a bit of my year.

Not necessarily in order but in 2011....
I spent New Years with a bunch of mostly nice strangers
Got dumped by a jerk
Dressed up lots (I love fancy dress!) 
Visited Bath a few times
Held owls
Lost my purse a few times
My phone died and I got swindled by my phone insurance (don't go with Carphone Warehouse!)
I started dating my boyfriend Steve
Went to Wellington
Saw a few plays and a Christmas Panto
Met a bunch of awesome people
Said goodbye to some other awesome people
Went to a Japanese restaurant for the first and second time, where I found out I can't use chopsticks
Went bowling a few times after years of not going
Bought myself a new iPod after breaking the old one
Only broke one camera this year (which I'm still using ish)
Started this blog
Went to London and saw Wicked for the second time and We Will Rock You, both were awesome and I went to the Rainforest Cafe and Harrods for the first time
I failed my driving test
I urned 21 and had a Super Heroes Vs Villains party (I was Hit Girl) and ended up in hospital for three hours after my hand was injured. This caused me loads of stress about my university dissertation which I ended up unable to finish properly
Actually graduated uni despite not doing all the credits!
Went to my graduation ball which was terrible and not what they advertised but still had fun with the girls on my course and we stole the giant playing cards they had everywhere!
I fnished volunteering at a primary school after a year of going in, they got me a leaving present
I went on holiday to Kavos in Greece with the girls, where I had alcohol poisoning on the last night which made me super dizzy for the next two weeks
I visited my friend in Aberdeen who taught me how to knit
I went to the "Oscars" and got to dress up all fancily 
Saw my friend gig a few times
I found Torchwood
Went to see Jimmy Eat World play in Cardiff
Made my boyfriend a cake for his 25th birthday
Won a medal in work for being awesome
Fed a squirrel
Went to Platform 9 and 3/4s
Missed not being a student in September, and the student loans!
Started making bracelets
Started reading more
Illustrated a few outfit posts
Had a BBQ in October
Finished all my Christmas shopping super early but left wrapping them till the last minute
Passed my driving test
Bought a car, named it Kip and love driving
Went to the races for the first time and lost
Went to the Gower National Heritage Centre and saw a whole load of animals
Carved a pumpkin and apple bobbed for the first time on Halloween
Had firework embers land on me
Saw Ted and The Blanks
Attempted to take part in Britain in a Day but never got round to sending the video
Had a works award do where I helped sort out the awards and even won one myself! (biggest clumsy fool, the scars on my hands prove it!)
Won a few pub quizzes
Went to a 1940's Murder Mystery themed night
Was involved with a few Secret Santas
Had a few car issues and realised what a girl I am
Made personalised Christmas stockings
Went to Winter Wonderland but didn't ice skate
And had an amazing Christmas despite working loads straight after it!

All in all, it was a very good year, and I can't wait for the next. I really want to do something, get a proper job, declutter, be more creative, healthier, go on adventures and so on. Hopefully, this time next year I'll be looking back happily! I hope everyone had a lovely last day of 2011 and have a Happy New Year!

Friday, 30 December 2011

Things I Love about Christmas Time

I love going to the Winter Wonderland in Swansea, although I didn't manage to go ice skating this time (my friends are scared) I'll drag the boy in the new year to go with me :D

I love this new polaroid converter thingie on my laptop, but I lost the link, if I find it I'll link to it. I miss my old polaroid camera and photos just look better in that style!

The fact that it's cold enough to wear all my favourite winter hats, scarves and gloves, but not as freezing as it has been over the past few years. Some snow would be nice but I'd be a bit scared driving in it for the first time on my own!

Novelety Christmas cups! I have one from Sainsburys which is in the shape of a Christmas Pudding. I don't like Christmas Pudding but I love that cup!

Getting time and a half for working on Boxing day, it made up for the fact that I had to work four days straight after Christmas.

My presents! Wow did I get spoiled, my boyfriend got me the giant Soap and Glory boxset, Secret Wish Perfume, personalised lego with pictures of our story and so on, I love him so much! I got him loads too though! My mum got me lots of cute little things, mostly things I'd asked her for, but she also got me a jewellery making kit and things for my car which I didn't know about, and my brothers got me some films and pretty ornaments, and my friends pretty necklaces and bath things, which I love, I'm on a bath goodie high!

I also loved how everyone loved my presents! and the stockings I half made, and the bracelets that I had made, it made me feel like it was worth all the time yay!

Chocolate! I have a bag full! This will last me a long time!

Oh I have more to add but now I have to dash off to work! Still I get New Years Eve and Day off! I don't have anything special planned just know that I'll be with my boyfriend and I need to start working on those resolutions! 

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

A quick Merry Christmas from me! I've been a very lucky girl this year, had amazing presents from my family, friends and boyfriend. I still have more to open when I actually go down my boyfriends (he's bought me loads, I should have got him more!!) but I'm very happy, it's been a lovely day. These were the cards I made this year, very simple and done in about a minute so that's why most of them were scruffy lol, last years were so much better! Anyways hope you've all been spoilt rotten!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Bead Bracelet DIY

I've had this hobby for a few months now, but only do it every now and then. I'm not great at making bead bracelets, but its fun, they're cute, easy and addictive! I have to stop myself from buying beads, but buy them in unexpected places ( like H&M for the coloured square box below)I made a few for my friends this Christmas and thought I might try doing a tutorial on making a bead bracelet. I would have posted this earlier but my internets been down all day, but I was going to Winter Wonderland today anyway!

Beads and lots of them! When I first started I picked specific beads for specific bracelets and counted in some extra but now I just buy loads of whatever colour I fancy. I particularly like multi packs and silver packs, most of the beads aren't in their original bags, as I have a little system going on so the prices on the packs aren't accurate. You'll also need some elastic thread which you can buy in any bead shop, it was about £2 for a whole roll, which will last me for ages. Scissors are needed for cutting the thread, and clear nail varnish is handy as it keeps the elastic thread in place.

This is simple, just wrap some around your wrist and give yourself extra room for tying the knots, you cut the excess off later. Don't be stingy because tying knots with short elastic thread isn't easy later on! Make sure the knot is big enough so the beads you want to use won't fall off, triple knot it or more (or you could always put a small bead on the ends and then use normal sized beads after them). Then put clear nail varnish on the knot, as mentioned above, the clear nail varnish helps keep the knot in place. Go for clear since if you use a coloured one it looks weird.

Pick the beads you want and sort them into a pattern that you like. The amount of beads you need depend on how big the beads are and how big you want your bracelet to be. Roughly try to make seven one inch patterns, it should fit a wrist, but add in a few more just in case you drop and loose some or its a bit tight. I like to use those 'made with love' hearts on the end just because they look cute.

Make sure the first bead won't go over the knot since the weight of the other beads might make it slip over if its big enough and then you have beads all over the floor. Threading the smaller beads can be annoying but you just have to have patience. 

Once you've finished threading the beads on, hold the top end tightly and wrap around your wrist to get a general idea of it it'll fit, you can add or take away some beads if you need to, then tie a triple knot and put nail varnish over it. This knots just keeping your beads in place for the next step.

Tie both ends together, make sure its really tight and secure as this is holding the bracelet together and coat the nail varnish all over it. 

Then you cut of the excess elastic so it looks nice and neat. You will have a knot there though, but there are beads you can use to cover them up. I'm too lazy to do that though usually, and you don't tend to notice anyway.

And there you have it! A very easy way to make bracelets. I think they're fun little presents to give, among other presents and to make for yourself. Sorry for the flashy pictures, it was dark when I did this. I'm always more productive in the night and leave blogging till last minute so I have to manually change the time to fit into the "right" day haha!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

DIY Personalised Christmas Stocking

Just a quick Christmas DIY, I never really thought much about setting up whilst doing it, but now I wish I had as these quick snaps annoy me! Plus I need to do them early, when its light out, but I'm mostly creative when its dark, even if that is at 5pm! Shocking! With Christmas one week away (eeeeek!) here is a cute, really simple, cheap, cute idea for how to present your presents. A DIY personalised Christmas stocking!

What you will need is plain stockings, I got mine from Tesco, something like five for a £1 or even cheaper than that. Some felt or whatever material you want to make your names out of. I used felt as that's what the stockings are made out of. I had some felt on hand in green and red, but you can buy them in a craft shop really cheaply too. You'll also need a pen or pencil for writing on the felt, some scissors and a sewing needle and thread. I couldn't find white thread, so used yellow as it's quite light, and I wanted it to contrast with the dark colours.

Write your letters and cut them out. I used a black sharpie since I was cutting the edges off anyway and wasn't worrying about black marks on the letters. I wasn't trying to be neat since I was going to cut them out, you might not feel the need to write them on first, but I wanted them roughly the same size. I'm doing these for my boyfriend, mum and three brothers, so that's a few letters of a few different names up there!

I altered the colours of each letter rather than stick to one colour, and think the dark red and green go quite nicely with the bright red.

Once you've cut out all your letters, arrange them how you like on the stocking to get a general idea of where to place them.

Then sew them on! I know this is a different name, but its the first one I finished as its the shortest! I hand sewed these on, when originally I was going to use my sewing machine. Then I realised if I used it, I would have sewn the stocking together unless I wanted to cut it open, sew on the name, then sew it back up but I think I would make that a bit messy.

Anywho! There you go! Really simple, but it does take a little  bit of time, I prepared everything, cut out the letters and sewed my mums stocking all whilst watching one episode of Glee! I'll have to finish the rest later on, seeing as I'm going to go watch Arthur Christmas finally with my friend, and I need to wrap her birthday and Christmas presents and give them to her early. Next year I want to make Christmas Stockings from scratch, and experiment with them, but I'm happy with these for this year. I've also wrapped up their presents really nicely too so they can't complain! One week! Eeeek!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

The Christmas Glossy Box Review (#2)

I know, it's only been a few posts ago since my last glossybox review, but I got them about a week apart since I subscribed at the end of November. They usually send them out mid month, so it will be awhile since I write the next review, promise! And I promise I'll do a Christmas post tomorrow! It involves stocking fillers! Anywho, back to glossybox. I had a few parcels that morning, some Christmas presents and two from glossybox! Yay! I couldn't wait to rip them open but decided to document it properly this time, in case anyone is really interested about the little things. Above is the box it comes in, and since I missed out on a product last time, they sent it in a small envelope. I'm not sure if they arrived at the same time, since I was over my boyfriends, but when I came home there they both were!

This months Christmas glossybox was red! Very Christmassy! Is it sad that I'm super excited to build up my collection of pretty boxes? Yes, no? I can put things in them! And to put presents in them the future. 

The inside of the box, plus it comes with a card with the product information on, and an advert for the mens glossy box, I like the idea of maybe getting one for my boyfriend, but I'm not sure how into it he'd be. The information card is printed on both sides and obviously has the products you have on it, which isn't the same for everyone. 

All the things! I also added what they missed out on my last glossy box which was the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer for your hair. I'm quite impressed with how they fit everything in, since I could but not prettily after I'd taken them all out, and my mum had a look and couldn't put them back in neatly lol. I was really excited with this box as I needed a few of these products, and half of them I used in the shower straight away!

And now onto the product reviews!

Cargo Cosmetics Classic Lip Gloss - I'm not entirely sure what shade it is and I'm not the biggest fan of lip glosses. I tend to just think they're messy and sticky and get everywhere. It is a nice colour, and not too messy so I'll have to try it out for a Christmas do. One thing which would have been nice if it smelled nice, this doesn't smell of anything so if I do buy lipglosses, I have to want to eat it (which I don't :P ).

Deborah Lippmann Nail Varnish - Shade Razzle dazzle. It says it a mini version which is rather cute, and still an okay size. I love the colour! It's so cute and sparkly! I haven't tried it on yet, as I've been working and can't wear nail varnish. It also came with nail varnish remover wipes, which is a neat little idea to pop in a bag, so I might try it on and quickly wipe them off before I have work, as long as I have a few days off, otherwise it's a bit of a waste.

Fab Face Cleanser - I really like the packaging, it reminds me if a vintagey type of circus if that makes sense? I've needed to get a new cleanser lately as I've been stealing bits of my brothers haha! I've only used it the once so I don't know how well it works, but it's mild so no allergic reactions or anything which is good!

Nouvea Lashes Noir Mascara - Love! I've been wearing it for the past two days and it's lovely, not too clumpy and glunky. When I first put it on however, I rubbed my eye a bit, not straight after and it smudged, it takes a bit longer than I'm used to to dry that's all.

Rituals Foaming Shower Gel - I couldn't wait to try this out! It smelt so lovely, and I accidentally used a bit too much and it was like foam city in the shower! You only need a little bit, I was expecting it to come out really foamy straight away and it didn't, so when I lathered it up, it went a bit crazy!

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer - I'm not really sure what this is! It says it does good stuff for your hair, adds elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine. You use it before shampooing and I guess I need to use it a bit more to see results after its dry. It felt nice, but my hairs really long so I had to use a fair bit to cover it, unless I'm doing it wrong? But my hair needs all the help it can get so I will keep using it! It was meant to come in last months box, and the customer service was really good and they sent it out really quickly so I wasn't too fussed.

All in all, I liked this box better than last month, and can't wait for next months to arrive! Eeek!

Friday, 16 December 2011

Tis the season to be Jolly

Fa la la la la la la la!

I went to a Christmas Meal the other day and got very, very jolly! My camera died after taking about five pictures, and they were a bit blurry, but I am still not going to get a new camera until it dies completely! Since it seems I just brake them all the time :( Other people took loads of photos, but most of them are terrible haha, it was good fun. The tables were nicely decorated, hence the above photo, I do love me some ornaments in large glass bowls (I really want a glass bowl, yes I'm sad) and crackers! Lots of people were told off when they tried opening them before food haha, there were above 50 odd people so it was very cosy.

We had table "competitions", well not really but to see who could sing the loudest and toast the most etc. I didn't really eat that much, I had tomato soup and bread which was lush, then there were only two vegetarian options and I hate mushroom so I opted for a goats cheese tart. Except I didn't realise it had cranberry sauce on it, which I hate, I am the fussiest eater ever! The salad and potatoes were super sweet, with a horrible sweet dressing yeuch, and I don't like salad either. I took a few parsnips, carrots and potatoes from the side dishes and left the rest. The desert was nice, orange and chocolate cheesecake, but I didn't expect there to be bits of orange in it, I know, stupid of me, and guess what, I hate oranges too! I like the orange flavoured things just not the fruit, like strawberries and onions.

Then it was Secret Santa! The idea was if you brought a present you'd get one, no names of anything. I bought a sheep teddy bear, and made a tag about his details, and a "hand drawn" card by the sheep. What I got in return was a..... booby mug. Yes it was a mug in the shape of a boob with a hole and all! Not the greatest haha. I ended up leaving it there anyways.

Anyways it was a fun night and very Christmassy! Lots of hats, from crackers and home made or costume (since it was a drama event!) old cheesy music, and cracker fights! I might update what I wore here or in another post, or draw it, but now I have to dash, gotta go to work! I can't wait for Christmas eeek!

Monday, 12 December 2011

The Blanks

I saw Ted from Scrubs band, The Blanks (the capella band) at the end of November. I finally got around to uploading the pictures in almost mid December! Ooops. The quality sucks since I was far away (we were behind the sound guy at the back, but higher up than anyone so we could actually see, [we'd got there late so there were lots of tall people in front of us], they were right in front of us, just far away..., and we had a back of a sofa to sit on, and no people jostling us = awesome!) but here are some of my favourites, I took videos too but not putting them up. They were really funny, and very good singers. If they gig near you, you should definitely see them, I was gutted I couldn't see them last time so made damn sure I got tickets this time!

Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Christmassy Evening

I've had quite the Christmassy Evening as my title would suggest, doing Christmas things whilst watching a Christmas film, Love Actually. I actually love that film! Ha...ha, I'm so funny I know.... anyways! The above picture shows one of my favourite story lines from the film, its so sad, and sweet, but there are a fair few sad and sweet storylines in this film.

I've wrapped up my family's presents, photos to come another time, and written my work Christmas cards (Just under 40 of them!). I like writing cards, and I bought some cheapyish ones from Primark, but they are cute! I've also listed them in alphabetical order, hmm do I need help? For my family, boyfriend and close friends I'll be doing hand made cards which I've yet to do. I also need to wrap my friends presents, and my boyfriends, I have a different way of wrapping all set up for them! Just need a few bits and pieces, but I'm done with the big Christmas shopping. Oh yeah, I need to make gift tags, well I don't need to, but I saw an idea which I think is super cute. I also need to try my hand at a few handmade things, like dolls, bracelets, cookies and photoframes especially. Oh that reminds me! I need to print off some photos eeek, I have quite a list and its two weeks away! But I love Christmas!

P.s This is my 50th post! The most I've ever posted on a blog, I usually give up!

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Glossy Box (#1)

My first glossy box arrived the other day! Glossy box is where you subscribe £10 each month plus p&p to get a box filled with five sample products of beauty products. I was sooo excited to get it. I bought the November one on the last day of November, and haven't been home for a few days so I don't know when it actually arrived lol. The cardboard box it came in was cute, I love packaging but thought taking a picture of that might be a bit too much crazy, you know? It's the same design as the inside of the box which you can just about see in the picture below. I really like the packaging of this product, simple, pretty, and the colours go well together. I also like collecting pretty boxes to put things in, so will definitely be reusing this box for makeup and such. 

I took this photo after I'd already opened it, so the ribbon was much better the first time around, and it has a sticker, stickers are always good in my book, oh and tissue paper. Bored of the packing now? Okay, onto the products!

From left to right, I had the Nail Rock Designer Nail Wraps in Polka dot. Illamasqua Freak Eau De Parfum, Arbonne Ultra Hydrating Hand Creme and Silderm Body Oil. I was missing one item, the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Shampoo, but I tweeted GlossyBox and they told me to email them to sort it out, so fingers crossed.

I loved the nail wraps, but my nails a bit too short for them at the moment, unless I chop them in half! (I watched Dream House the other day and chewed them all off, darn scary films). The perfumes nice, but a bit too strong, I tend to like sweeter floral scents, but will be using this tonight as I'm going to a 1940's party. I love hand creme, and I LOVED this one. I only needed a small amount for my hands and its really soft and creamy and lasts longer than my usual, which okay is Tesco but I go through so much I can't afford normal priced hand cremes :P The last one is something I've never tried before but have wanted to, but never really wanted to buy it as its expensive and there's no real need, I just have a tiny few but I'll see if it works.

Overall, loved the box! I just had one complaint, the missing shampoo, but they replied to me straight away and hopefully it'll get sorted out soon. I am very excited about the Christmas one and can't wait to see what's in that!

Update! They are sending me one, yay!

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Handwriting Meme

I've seen this meme around a few times over a long time, I can't remember where, but I saved the questions and decided to do the handwriting meme today, since I'm still ill, tired, and I haven't got anything else for the moment. I will be dragging myself out to the pub quiz in a bit, I haven't gone in weeks (I would much rather put my jim jams on and watch Harry Potter in bed though!). I love seeing other peoples handwriting and I'm always jealous, I wish I had the big girly handwriting, or the pretty loopy handwriting but I don't. I hold the pen really weirdly, grip to tight, and right super fast so it always ends up messy. When I take the time it turns out okay-ish, but I still don't like it, but I wanted to do this anyway. So without further ado, here are the questions, or tasks rather.

Name/Blog URL.


Letters you enjoy writing.
Letters you dislike writing.

Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

Write one of your favourite song lyrics.
Write who should do this.
Any last blurb/note.

 Apologies for the terrible photo!

I like underlining headings or names on cards like that, and I'm about 50/50 on stars for bullet points or normal bullet points. I can't write in a straight line, the lines go up at the end, I don't really write in joined up handwriting but the odd one or two turn up every now and then. I like writing capital "R's" but they never look like them, whereas I hate writing the letter "K" since it never looks like it. Some letters are spaced too closely together, so its harder to make out the words in the photo, that especially happens when I'm running out of space. Instead of just starting a new line, I try to cram it all in. I was also distracted whilst writing the song lyrics hence the mistake and I did the alphabet on the bottom just to show how I write every letter.

I'm sure everyone was absolutely fascinated by this little handwriting meme, but if anyone does decide to do it if they're bored and make a post, tell me about it and I'll check it out, since I am weird like that! ^_^

Thursday, 1 December 2011

What the heck?

One of the presents I'd ordered for my boyfriend turned up in an unexpectedly state today. I'd ordered him a Darth Vader Lego keyring torch from Play. He loves Star Wars, and Lego, and doesn't have a torch so yay for a mini present (I hope he doesn't read this, he knows I blog, but hasn't seen the blog). When I came home today, I asked if anything had arrived for me, nope, nothing. However my mum asked me if I'd lost anything recently, like dropped something in the garden. This is what she found.

She'd spotted it the day before, upside down and thought it was rubbish, and today she picked it up. It had been lying face down in the garden for two days whilst its been raining, and its not exactly waterproof! I am SO annoyed! It obviously came in a package to be delivered to my house for the address, and play always have sturdy (not really waterproof) packaging, and it would have been small enough to fit into my letter box.  Luckily it still works, but it kinda sucks for giving as a present, I'll just have to explain. I can only think of one reason really, maybe two if I give them the benefit of the doubt.

It's soaking wet, really flimsy, the cardboard is spotty in places and half falling off on the front

The other day I woke up to someone knocking, but I was in bed ill, and hadn't been sleeping lately so like hell I was going to get up. I did look out and see my neighbour walk away after awhile. Now this makes me think it'd been delievered to her house, and they'd opened it, for some bizarre reason, and came to drop it off. However, why just leave it unopened on the floor, not exactly easy to be seen, in winter weather when it could have easily gone through my letter box is completely beyond me! Unless, they'd opened it, put it back in the package, left it and the wind blew it out? There was nothing near it, and I don't like my neighbours (They moved in when I was living on campus, and I moved back after a year and tried saying hello to them and be friendly and nice and introduce myself and they ignored me! Well, she looked at me, and the ignored me, >.<) so I think its the first one, might be a bis biased.

I can't complain about the postman giving it to them if they had because apparently now they can leave it with the neighbours if you're not in, and I can't complain to my neighbours because I have no proof they did it, plus I've never really spoken to them and my mum doesn't like the idea of accusing them, gah! At least it wasn't broken or something super expensive, but I am a bit worried about future things being delivered. Guess this "mystery" will go unsolved for now.

UPDATE! My neighbour came up to my mother the other day and said an odd thing happened a few days beforehand, a label with my name and address had turned up in their garden and nothing else. She brought it up herself, so was she covering her tracks before anything was said, or is this situation getting even more weird and I'm getting more and more paranoid about my neighbours?