Monday, 7 November 2011

Really am the biggest kltuz

I hurt my hand in work today... I somehow managed to punch my right hand against something whilst I was serving a customer. I'm right handed, I tried not to show pain as I finished serving, and was about to run away when the customers daughter wanted something.... THEN I ran away and cried like a wimp haha! Everyone was like "What have you done now?" and told me I did deserve to win that award the other night lol. It's okayish now, I put ice on it and carried on, but I have a cut in between my my last two fingers, it's a bit swollen and a bruise on my little finger. Gotta keep adding scars to that hand damnit, good thing I never wanted to be a hand model! On a side note, on Halloween, I managed to gain a scar on my arm because of my dress! I don't even remember half the stuff I do accident wise, but maybe I should keep a count or live in a bubble?

Lame post, but I'm behind on doing a post for every day, so I'm cheating and going to post this for a few days ago, and post one for today tomorrow... this would be the fifth one I think, meh I'm working loads and tired! Shush :P

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