Saturday, 12 November 2011

Models Own

L-R: Emerald Black, Aqua Violet, Purple Blue, Pinky Brown and Golden Green.

When I saw the Models Own Beetlejuice nail varnish collection, I just knew I had to have it! I even started to try really hard to grow my nails a bit (Sadly, I'm a nail biter, usually when I'm watching things). They're still short, long for me, but no photos just yet :P Anyway! I wanted to get them all, Models Own was sold out of Pinky Brown, but Asos wasn't. I bought two of the Beetlejuice collection and one other on the Models Own website, to save the £3 and get another pretty colour, bought my first nail art pen and got a free eyeliner since it was my first online purchase (I've only bought two of their nail varnishes before from Boots). On Asos, they were selling three of the Beetlejuice collection together for £10 (I think) so I bought them all in a roundabout way. However they didn't all arrive on the same day, the package from Asos was too big to get through my door and no one was home so I had to go pick it on, on my next day off which wasn't really a day off (currently stuck in a six day week, with one day off between weeks >.<!). This is the size of the package.

Hmm, I should have had a something next to it to show the scale, but the box can fit my laptop in it! My laptop is a giant beast of a thing! Anyway, this was a box they sent for three nail varnishes! Three! In that box was a smaller box, see below.

And in that very long box, there were these three nail varnishes. 

 Golden Green, Purple Blue and Pinky Brown.

Those three little things, came in a box that was too big to get through my post box, whilst the actual package from Models Own, which I had more things from, managed to fit! This is what I got.

Emerald Black, Aqua Violet and Pink Fuzz.

I don't have a picture of the packaging these came in, but it was tiny, and everything seemed to fit okay, except the nail art pen box was a bit damaged. I found the Asos packaging a bit ridiculous, but wouldn't have minded to much if I didn't have to drive around looking for the post office centre to go pick it up, I got a bit lost, and had to go to work afterwards. I can't wait to try them out properly, I have to wait for a few days off since I can't wear nail varnish in work, and think they might notice the Beetlejuice colours more than nudes which I've been secretly wearing! Looks like Pinky Brown and Aqua Violet are my favourites, and I have to send off the nail art pen to get a new one since the nib was broken and the line thing was all bent, sucks. So now I have another trip to the post office, but at least this ones more local, but! I have to wait till Tuesday, which is still within the seven days, luckily! It better all be worth it in the end :D

P.s! Hope everyone tried filming for Britain in a Day! I did, not that great, but will be uploading it tomorrow or Monday. Even if I don't get my footage used, which is highly likely, I'm still excited for the actual documentary, I guess I'm very nosey :P

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