Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Penguin Owl Howl Thing

I think I need more practice.... he was meant to be an owl, but I choose penguin colours, and he's a bit lopsided, and I was too tired to finish the beak (which I did by hand, can't you tell? As well as his tummy). Note to self, don't attempt to make things at 1am! But I am glad I finally got out my sewing machine. I set it up downstairs as there is no room in my room! That's why I've been putting off sewing. My brothers will just have to get over the fact that their games room is now my sewing room (used to be a dining room - only on Christmas now!). But I know where to improve now, like using a template for one!, and hope to have a few of these by Christmas, but of better quality, and more stuffing. I'm going to call him Howl, geddit? It has "Owl" in it!

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