Saturday, 19 November 2011

What I wore #7

It's been awhile since I've done a "What I wore" post, so I thought why not? I really liked my outfit I wore the other night so decided to illustrate that. Not well I might add, I have the chunkiest legs, and a giraffe neck in that doode! Anyway I've been wearing my work uniform practically every day and that's too boring to draw! My hairs not really that long but it feels like it sometimes, I'm half debating to chop it all off like I usually do to my shoulders but I'm going to actually try styling it at some point since it's really long for me.

So, I've survived the first three shifts of Breaking Dawn Hell! It's not been that bad, but my legs are aching so much and I've gathered a few new scars on my arms and hands because I just attract those kind of injuries! My dreams of being a hand model are over :P I had a day shift today instead of a day/night shift so I've actually had time to do stuff except for eat and sleep, and draw that little post. Sorry for the blurryness of the photo, but it was the best of a bunch. I'm watching Twilight while I surf the net, terrible I know but I have this urge to watch them all again and its just on in the background anyway. Then it'll be food, shower, bed and back in for work tomorrow morning. My life is just that exciting!

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