Thursday, 10 November 2011

Britain in a Day

Did anyone watch a film called Life in a Day? It was in the cinema a few months ago, and most recently on BBC 2, which you can still watch online here, last day to see it there though sorry. If you haven't watched it, you should! I went to see it in the cinema, and watched about an hour of it when it was on TV, I would have watched more but missed the start and had to leave before it finished. It's amazing. Basically, it shows little snippets of peoples lives across the world, all on the same day, the 24th of July 2010. It is so interesting, and I remembered quite a lot of it when I re-watched some of it, asking my brother if certain people had come up yet. I remember thinking when it came out that I wished I had participated in it too. I'd probably not get any of my footage shown, there was so much footage, but it would be fun!

Now, here's my chance! And yours too if you want to. The BBC are doing a project called Britain in a Day, you can find out about it here. They want people to film their lives on the 12th of November and send it in to their youtube channel here. I'm really excited about this, have no clue what I'm going to, will try to rope in my boyfriend, and am glad I'm only working a short shift on Saturday, maybe I could film there too? I know it's not much notice, but I only just saw it on the TV now, and ran upstairs to check it out!

If you're still not sure, watch this video :D

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