Thursday, 28 February 2013

Regal Rose Wishlist

Long time, no blog, yet again! I suck as a blogger, so sorry if anyone still reads my little old blog here. I am here now, with a lot of time off work now so I really need to do a whole load of things before my hours go back up again.

I was looking at lots of pretty jewellery tonight and thought, it's been awhile since I made a wishlist so here we are! All of these pieces are from Regal Rose and they are gorgeous and pretty and most of them are on sale! Sadly, I am trying not to buy anything new for awhile as I recently went on holiday to see my bf in Portugal, and just before I went my car broke down yet again! (That car has it in for me I swear) so I really need to stop buying things. But a wishlist doesn't hurt right? And it's my birthday in April so who knows, might ask someone to buy me all these pretties! 

Oh yeah my laptop is now working again, but I have to be very careful I don't move it as the charger connector bit is the thing that's playing up, making it not charge and I don't have any money to fix it right now. On the bright side, of all the broken things I own, I managed to "fix" my iPod before going to Portugal (I hate travelling without music) and my car was fixed just before I came back, so yay! Fingers crossed nothing else breaks for me!

P.s I just noticed the type in Vintage Locket, I just did it again as I typed it! Please ignore it, and if you hadn't seen it till I pointed out, oops!