Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Well, I've failed NaBloPoMo, since I haven't written every day this month, oh well, I can always do it next year! I've been MIA about it since I've been working lots, and staying over my boyfriends who lives closer to my work. I haven't taken my laptop, and don't like hogging his, and I have written posts whilst there but prefer my own laptop and time, otherwise they end up like this, just a few short paragraphs.

I've also been writing a bit for nanowrimo, got 10,000 words under my belt now! Still actually behind, should be on about 15,000 but I can do it damnit! I am redoing a story I've tried doing for the past three years, but never seem to have the time, but its something I really want to finish. I'd like to write about that here another time, since I'm in a rush for, guess what? Work!

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