Monday, 14 November 2011

Christmas craft fair goodies

On Saturday, after work, my boyfriend told me there was a local craft fair going on in town, so naturally I went straight there! I'd planned on going Christmas Shopping anyway, since I had a short shift in work, I'd counted it as a "day off" (Currently on day 6 of working, and I had one day off between rotas, closing tonight, but I have two days off yaaay!). I can't remember how much I spent, but I spent loads! I had to borrow money off the boy, and repay him later of course, but I wanted everything! Instead I limited myself to mainly getting things for my mum. I'll be getting her other things too, but I've got most of the little things already :D

I bought her three candles. She loves getting scented candles for Christmas, and I went a bit overboard, but they are so pretty and vintage. Well, that's what the woman told me anyway. I love the tea cup candle, I've been wanting to make some for ages, and I love the pattern on it. The top right one I love the colour of the class and it looks quite retro to me, then again I probably don't know what I'm talking about :P The one in the middle isn't vintage of course, but it smells like strawberry's, I want to eat it!

I might keep this for myself! No, no, I can't, but it's so pretty, it smells nice, and look at the pretty tags!

I bought all these for myself, I just can't help it! I love beads, its a new hobby of mine. I wrote a post before about the bracelets I've made, and haven't really done anything since then, except buy more beads. However I am going to make little bracelets for some friends, so it can count as a Christmas present too.

I bought these sweets, from a guy I happen to know, mainly for the bucket. I've already said in the past how I buy things just for the tins or containers they are in. The bead shop I go to has these everywhere, but they're not for sale, they're shopping baskets, how sweet. There are sweets in there too, rhubarb custard sweets, which I do like, and will probably share, maybe :P (Sorry for the poor quality of the last two pictures, I couldn't seem to get a decent one of them, too shiny?)

And last but not least, a vinatge Christmas decoration. The woman said her sister picked up all the pieces in Spain, and she added some old ribbon she had onto them. My mum likes Christmas tree decorations so I hope she likes this one. I should have taken photos of all the stalls, but I was a bit too self conscious to do that, plus oohing and aahing over many of the items, but this woman had amazing decorations and candle holders. This was the first year that this Christmas craft fair had been held, and I hope they come back, so I can buy lots, or who knows, even maybe sell things! Just need to get crafting!

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