Thursday, 3 November 2011

Recent Haul

Well I've been meaning to post things I've bought since I started this blog, but never really get round to it. So I thought I'd post a bit of what I've bought in the past week, plus some presents I've had :) It's cheered me up, but I still feel angry/sad at the thing I can't change, but I can't do anything about it so I need to try and get over it, or vent a lot to my friends. Haven't done that yet but I'm having a girly chat up with my uni friends tomorrow so yay. So onto some pictures then yes?

Had to use flash since without flash I couldn't get a non blurry photo. Feels good to use my camera again. I've been using my boyfriends iPhone lately and its okay, but I can't edit the photos when I use his laptop. I should just take my laptop down there, which is why I bought that red bag above. It's from Primark and I love it! I bought it to be like a laptop bag, but, alas, my laptop is too big! I can fit it in but not shut the clasps, but for short journeys to the car that may be okay? The little bag is a present from my Nana for no reason, so sweet of her :D The cards I got for free from work, their from Ben & Jerry's, I love free stuff! My boyfriend got me a card and some chocolates from Thorntons <3 He does stuff like that every now and then, I'm quite lucky with him. Last but not least in that picture is the tin box that looks like a retro radio. Here's a close up of it below.

It's a chocolate box which I bought solely so I could have the tin! It's so cute, I love collecting tins and boxes to keep things in, it even looks like a radio on the back and the top, I love little details like that. Its from Sainsburys if anyone's interested in getting it for like £5 or £6 I can't remember. I'm going to keep nail varnishes or makeup in there or something like that. Currently my nail varnishes are in a little bucket.

I bought clothes! Since it's getting colder I need warmer things, like this cute little moustached bunny from River Island £20 and these coloured jeans from New Look £16.99. I need a decent pair of jeans since its too cold to just wear jeggings or tights sometimes, and I've wanted coloured jeans for awhile. I'd say these are teal coloured, which isn't too crazy for my first coloured jeans foray. I've also been lusting after that beaded top from New Look for awhile too and finally bought it. Oh yeah I had a discount voucher for 20% and to top was originally about £22. I'm planning on wearing it over a black body con dress for any Christmas parties I might go to.

I am in love with this playsuit and dress from Dorothy Perkins. I've never had a playsuit, and bought this on sale for £18, it feels very 80's when I wear it so I might add sparkly tights to it when I wear it out. The dress I used the 25% VIP code that had been running all week (last day is tomorrow I think?) and it was originally  £24. I have the same dress in the dusty rose colour, and have been wanting it in emerald for ages! Both of these things I can't wait to wear out over Christmas. It'll be my luck to not go out at all now! Since my holidays (I think I had alcohol poisoning) I haven't really wanted to drink that much, and when I have gone out its been a low key affair or with people who I know will look after me, aka my boyfriend. Anyway! I've started to want to go out again, and dress up with heels and all that jazz, so there'd better be things on, but there usually are.

So those are a few things that I've had and have cheered me up. I love getting new clothes, but I really have no where to put them *sigh*. I'm in the process of cleaning my room at the moment but procrastinating by writing this entry instead! But its the third day of NaBloPoMo! So I'd better write this before the days over. I haven't actually joined the site I linked to a few posts ago, so I'm just doing this as a personal challenge. About Nanowrimo I still haven't started yet, but I traditionally start that really late anyway. Hmm maybe thats why I haven't won properly yet, ooops.


  1. ello, I hope you are ok. I know how frustrating and upsetting it can be when you can't change something but hopefully with the help of your friends you will be able to come out the other side stronger :)

    I have been lusting after that bunny jumper for ages - I may need to pop into River Island on my next day off! Also I am the same with tins and boxes. I once bought a massive tin of party rings just so I could use the tin to store cookies cutters in afterwards!!


  2. Hi thanks for the comment, I have vented to my friends which helped, I'm less angry now and I'm hoping it might be resolved soon too, so all I can do is cross my fingers and wish really hard!

    Oh get it! I wanted their owl jumper too, but my friend has it so I compensated by getting the bunny one, which I want to wear all the time if I could :P

    Haha, sounds like a good idea! I've bought some cookie cutters recently and will attempt to bake christmas goodies, I can barely cook! It will be fun :)

    Lisamello xx