Friday, 25 November 2011

Creative Mini Advent Calender

I saw on Gem Fatales blog a very cute Christmas mini advent calender DIY as one of her Tuesday Tips. You can check out how to make one in her post as I basically copied everything. She took inspiration from another post involving chewing gums instead of vitamins, but I couldn't find any to work :( I made this for my boyfriend who loves chewing gums, but! He eats really unhealthy, and I like this cute way of looking after him during winter with the vitamins ^_^

You start off with a pack like these, I'd already cut it in half by this point, since you cut off the extra vitamins, you only need 24, and then the box needs to be smaller. I love the chewy vitamins over the hard disgusting tasting ones any day! I'm a vegetarian so I take iron vitamins and some types taste horrible, bleh. Also sorry for the flash in the photos, it's dark and the lightings not very good.

As you can see, sort of, you then number the side you pop the vitamins out. I did them randomly with Sharpie Pens, but 1-12 on one pack, and 13-24 on the other pack. I cut the bottom row off each pack, and rounded the corners. The extra vitamins are now for me, which is good since I have a horrible cold atm :(

I copied Gem, and bought some stars to use as well, they are so pretty, and less than a £1 in Tesco! and drew terrible drawings of Christmas trees, stockings, presents and baubles. 

The end result! I really love brown wrapping paper, and buy it whenever I see it, so I already had this on hand, used some sticky stars and cut out Rudolph from a Christmas card. I am making cards for Christmas, but, I bought some cards for people in work since there's about 40 people there. I wrote a little note on the back, and stuck stars over the back and sides too. I might have gone a bit overboard with the stars, but they're so pretty! I hope the boy likes them, but I also bought a chocolate advent calender for him too. However he's already won the advent calender gift giving as he bought me a lego advent calender with a lego toy every day instead of chocolate, he is awesome! ^_^



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