Sunday, 28 August 2011

Awesome blog giveaway!

Littlebeinglittle is throwing a huge giveaway to celebrate the first year anniversary of her blog. Throughout the week she's been posting highlights of her year of blogging, including all the creative things she's done, favourite thrifts she's found, food she's made and outfits for example.

Her blog is awesome, I can't remember how I found it but I was searching for creative little blogs that would inspire me, and found hers along with a few others, which I should link to really soon, I need to put more effort into this blog! Ideally I'd love to have a blog as amazing as hers, and if in a years time I have a blog that resembles anything like hers I'd be super happy :) I need to work on my writing and creative skills.

Anyway this is the last day to enter the competition but you should really go and check it out if anyone happens across this blog, it'd filled with amazing goodies from Being Little, Total Jerk, Little Fille, Velvet Feather, Models Own, Seventy Tree, Crown & Glory, and Wallpaper Rose. Half of those I already knew about and liked, but its also fun to find out new cute blogs or shops. All you have to do to enter the competition is to like or follow them on their blogs, facebook pages or twitter accounts and leave a comment with your email address on the competition post! Good luck!

Saturday, 20 August 2011


Here are some pictures I took in Aberdeen. My camera's half broken but I'm not getting a new one till its completely dead, seeing as I break them all the time. So ignore the black line down the side.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Knitting update one!

I've wanted to knit a Harry Potter scarf for a long time now. I didn't just want to buy one, but I wanted to make one. It's on my day zero list of 101 things to do, and it's about time I started crossing things off it. My friend can knit, so when we went to visit her in Aberdeen recently (she goes to uni there), I thought that was the perfect time to get her to teach me how to knit!

I've always wanted to be in Gryffindor so I chose red and yellow wool, and bought some needles. She attempted to show me but I just couldn't get it at all. I hold pens and cutlery weirdly which frustrates her but she knew about it before teaching me! I don't think I'm holding them properly now anyway, but at least I can do it. I started learning the last night we were there, thinking I had plenty of time to ask her for help as we would be travelling all day the next day (seven hours on a train to London, and then five hours on a coach back home) she was coming back with us and I could ask for help.

The only problem was she was in first class, the rest of us were not and I was told off when I went to see her and ask for help. I started off okay, as you can see above, but got into a little bit of trouble. She had to redo a lot for me, and then I was off again! But not for long, I get travel sickness and knitting doesn't help! Eventually thought she showed me how to change the colours, which I'll probably forget when I have to change again and I was finally on the second strip of colour! The patches are a lot smaller than I wanted, but I was impatient to start the next colour, and I'd wanted the scarf to be really wide so that was a lot of work for a newbie like me.

This is where I currently am with the scarf, haven't touched it much since I came back, been busy working, but I really need to settle down and do a lot while watching films or something. The stitches I am doing are knit and purl stitch, which I kept calling purl snitch, I can't seem to help myself! Anyways, I'm hoping to finish this some time before winter if I do a bit here and there and I when she goes back to uni I can ask my boyfriends mum to help me as she knits too!

Thursday, 18 August 2011


Wow, it's been awhile. I've only written two posts on this when I had hoped by this time I would have done a few. I've been on two holidays since, one in Kavos, Greece, and the other in Aberdeen, Scotland. Both very different and I'm glad to be back home. Well, I've been half down my boyfriends new house which is closer to work and he doesn't have internet yet, so I've not really been that active online anyways.

This isn't really much of a post, but something to get me going again. More of a creative to-do list, of things I would like to do. Some are on my day zero list, other's aren't. Summer's almost gone and I've not really done much except for working and holidaying, but then I'm not going back to Uni and I don't have a full time job yet so maybe summer won't be over for me yet/ Besides we haven't had summer weather. Anyways, here's the to do list.

  • Paint canvasses (I have a few, including cute small ones on mini art easels)
  • Create some characters I could maybe use as a brand
  • Think up of a name for an etsy shop/brand/make
  • Finish knitting a gryffindor scarff (started when I was in Aberdeen)
  • Sew some dolls, teddies and cat dolls.
  • Create a visual diary
  • Bake cupcakes and decorate
  • Decorate cards
  • Write a short story
  • Make some bunting (probably the paper kind first, since it's easier.
This isn't a defintie list there's lots more but I'm procrastinating getting ready for work!