Thursday, 1 December 2011

What the heck?

One of the presents I'd ordered for my boyfriend turned up in an unexpectedly state today. I'd ordered him a Darth Vader Lego keyring torch from Play. He loves Star Wars, and Lego, and doesn't have a torch so yay for a mini present (I hope he doesn't read this, he knows I blog, but hasn't seen the blog). When I came home today, I asked if anything had arrived for me, nope, nothing. However my mum asked me if I'd lost anything recently, like dropped something in the garden. This is what she found.

She'd spotted it the day before, upside down and thought it was rubbish, and today she picked it up. It had been lying face down in the garden for two days whilst its been raining, and its not exactly waterproof! I am SO annoyed! It obviously came in a package to be delivered to my house for the address, and play always have sturdy (not really waterproof) packaging, and it would have been small enough to fit into my letter box.  Luckily it still works, but it kinda sucks for giving as a present, I'll just have to explain. I can only think of one reason really, maybe two if I give them the benefit of the doubt.

It's soaking wet, really flimsy, the cardboard is spotty in places and half falling off on the front

The other day I woke up to someone knocking, but I was in bed ill, and hadn't been sleeping lately so like hell I was going to get up. I did look out and see my neighbour walk away after awhile. Now this makes me think it'd been delievered to her house, and they'd opened it, for some bizarre reason, and came to drop it off. However, why just leave it unopened on the floor, not exactly easy to be seen, in winter weather when it could have easily gone through my letter box is completely beyond me! Unless, they'd opened it, put it back in the package, left it and the wind blew it out? There was nothing near it, and I don't like my neighbours (They moved in when I was living on campus, and I moved back after a year and tried saying hello to them and be friendly and nice and introduce myself and they ignored me! Well, she looked at me, and the ignored me, >.<) so I think its the first one, might be a bis biased.

I can't complain about the postman giving it to them if they had because apparently now they can leave it with the neighbours if you're not in, and I can't complain to my neighbours because I have no proof they did it, plus I've never really spoken to them and my mum doesn't like the idea of accusing them, gah! At least it wasn't broken or something super expensive, but I am a bit worried about future things being delivered. Guess this "mystery" will go unsolved for now.

UPDATE! My neighbour came up to my mother the other day and said an odd thing happened a few days beforehand, a label with my name and address had turned up in their garden and nothing else. She brought it up herself, so was she covering her tracks before anything was said, or is this situation getting even more weird and I'm getting more and more paranoid about my neighbours?

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