Wednesday, 12 October 2011


I went to the races on Sunday for the first time, for my boyfriends brothers birthday. It was very foggy, windy and drizzly and we were outside for over four hours! But it was fun.

They even had owls there! I took a few photos, but this was one of the only ones who posed. I love Barn Owls, they remind me of Hedwig from Harry Potter. Oh that reminds me, I once held baby Indian owls, they were so cute, I should put the photos up one day.

There were a lot of people, some were very dressed up, some were very casual. I like to think I was sortof in the middle but I dressed for warmth. But I wore leggings, as did the other girls in the group, never again! Must wear jeggins when it cold out!

My first bid. I kept saying I was voting on horses instead of betting >.< I know, I know. I didn't win anything then, but out of the eight races, I won twice, (well, in the top three once, and won once). I only won about £14 in total, and lost more than that, but it was fun, and addictive! My boyfriend won over £70 on once race and he was set, lucky devil! lol.

Some horses, it was fun wondering who would win, but hard to remember which horse was which on their jackets. The ones I seemed to bet on, always had other jockeys wearing similar colours.

One of my horses that I bet on didn't even finish.... he freaked out before the start of the race. I found out then though, that if you just show up for the race, you get £100 and it doesn't matter where you come or if you finish, so that's why the made him run.

One last picture just to show how foggy it was, it was a bit surreal, reminded me of the film Silent Hill (I haven't played the game) where the fog is everywhere. It was a fun day and I'd go again, but preferbly when its warmer and I'd limit my betting, at least it was only small bets eh?

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