Sunday, 2 October 2011


It was my friends 22nd birthday today and this is what I gave her for her birthday. A cute little purse, her initial and I painted a card. Can you sense a polka dot theme? I tried the card a bit in the style of the outfit posts I draw, but changed the feet. I don't like how the legs and feet turned out but oh well. I really like how the hair turned out, and prefer it being simpler with less lines. The scene makes sense to us, a memory from the Summer, so it doesn't really look like a typical birthday card. She said she always looks forward to my cards on her birthday, so that makes me feel like people do enjoy my home made cards!

I was meant to be doing something small like ice cream if warm enough, or coffee if cold enough for her birthday, but I'm ill. Bleh! I have horrible cramps and the left side of my hip is hurting when I move, so I'm walking with a limp. Why yes I am an old woman it seems! I'm hoping I pulled something without realising and it'll be better soon if I rest, so yay to having a few days of work! Ideally I'd love to clean my room, like a huge spring clean, or rather Autumn clean but I am relying heavily on pain meds at the moment!

Anywho, my plans for today are to put my pajamas back on, and to snuggle in bed watching films, maybe reading and checking out teh interweb!


  1. that card is so cute! I love the expression on her face.

    I can understand a love of polka dots - hence my blog name!


  2. Thank you :D

    And polka dots are awesome, if I see something with polka dots on it, I instantly want it!

    Lisamello xx