Saturday, 1 October 2011

What I wore #2 and #3

My equipment! Paints are from when I was in college, and a hello kitty pencil I've had for awhile! I bought a sharpener and paintbrush set today after work so I can actually drawn and paint yay! I've got two posts up, since I'm trying to draw what I've worn every day, but I'm not including todays since I haven't done it yet, so that'll be in tomorrow along with other stuff hopefully. Oh I just realised I forgot to put the pen in, ah well.

I still need to work on the whole editing thing and possibly scanning, since the blurryness kills me! and I have to use flash to make it less blurry and I'd rather not. Anyway first attempt at a watercolour outfit. I think I need some more practice but overall I like it. Colours of the skirt should be more red but I'd painted on that patch too much and it was soggy and ripped a bit, so I gave up. As written above I had lots of fun! And I think my costume was a better outfit that what I wore that day.

I wish I hadn't inked around the cheeks now, but you live and you learn I guess. I hate drawing legs and arms and hands and feet so they're rather shapeless. I tried drawing hands like Ellamasters shows you in her tutorial, but they just looked freaky when I drew them like that, wah. I really love that smocky top above, which I have in black too. They are perfect for hot sunny days, I just wish I had them in more colours!  The friend is actually my mums friends daughter who spent a lot of time living in France and Hungary recently, so it could be from another country or from here, who knows, I don't recognize the label inside.

Anywho! I'm hoping that my drawing skills will increase! and painting skills and editing skills and whatnot. I've also bought another little sketch book today I'll use for writing down random thoughts, lists and doodles.

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