Monday, 3 October 2011


This is my neighbours cat, Mattie.  She is gorgeous and cute and little a little ball of energy. I've really missed having a cat, and she comes into the house sometimes if the doors open. Half the time we don't know she's even in here and she can scare the hell out of us! But usually we know, she runs around the place and you can hear her breathing. She has allergies, I don't know what to, and has this cute little wheezy thing going on, but she's actually really fine with breathing!

So she comes in and demands attention by looking cute, I can't help but drop what I'm doing and scratch her chin or her belly. The photos are really bad, since she doesn't stay still ever! She's constantly on the move, so it's really hard to capture a picture of her. I've been stuck inside a lot lately feeling ill, so she was a nice distraction for awhile.

I must seem like a crazy cat lady, posting pictures of a cat I don't even own! But when she comes over, I wish I could cat nap her, but I don't reckon my neighbours would like that! You know, I've never even met my neighbours properly. They moved in when I was living on campus, and when I came back to live at home, they ignored me, I said Hi to them once and they half glanced over and carried on talking to my mum, as if I wasn't even there! Bah humbug, I'm not going to bother with them again now, but I'll give their cat attention any time she trots in :)

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