Thursday, 27 October 2011

Feeling pretty meh

I've not had the best few days recently. I've been working loads, so haven't had much spare time. I hate half term and how busy everywhere is, especially in work, but I suppose that means more shifts which means more money (for Christmas presents and my car!). I found out about something which really upset me the other day, I'm both angry and sad about it but I can't do anything about it which is so frustrating! I've not been getting that much sleep, and I'm a wimp who gets ill after not getting a good nights sleep two nights in a row, so I'm not so slowly loosing my voice, and am coming down with a cold.

But, just one more shift tomorrow then I have a few days off, including Halloween, so yay. I'm dressing up as a witch, I think the last time I did I was Trick or Treating years and years ago lol, and hopefully going to a house party after seeing a play. I'm also planning to apply for a job, before the deadline ends this weekend, I'm terrible at that >.<, I need to do them on time! I'd also like to show a few things I've bought recently, and to make some crafty posts.

I'm fed up of just posting short paragraphs or bullet points, they're not very pretty are they? But I think if I keep posting, it'll keep me in the habit of making blog posts. That's why all the countless other blogs I've made have ended, because I'd leave too long a gap and not really want to post, I felt like it had to be something really interesting after all that time, so I never really did. When something did come up, I felt like I had to recount everything that's happened since the last one as well, that's what I used to do with writing diaries until I couldn't take it anymore and just stopped writing them. I'm just weird with writing I guess :P and I'm pretty tired now, so this is just rambling, I think I'd better be off to bed.

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