Sunday, 30 October 2011

Gower Heritage Center

Turned out I only had one day off, but it was still fun, I went to the Gower Heritage Center to go see the cute animals. I have lived no more than an hour away from this place all my life, and gone down to that area many times to go to the beach or for walks when I was younger, but I never came here until I was 21! I went with my boyfriend and his family, he's got a young niece and cousin and it was a nice day out, freezing though! I took loads of photos on his iPhone and decided to put a small selection of them up, because animals are cute darnit!

 Evil baby ducks!

Nice hairdo!

Running straight at us!

The pond area, the chickens roamed free around it.

O hai there mister goat!

Pony :)

Just strutting his stuff. (I know chickens are girls, and boys are roosters but I like calling them "he's").

Look at the feathers on this guy, look at the feet! 

You talkin' about me?!


Keeping an eye on the ducks, didn't you know chickens and ducks don't get on?!

Impatient little hen.

Pretty little birdie.

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