Friday, 19 August 2011

Knitting update one!

I've wanted to knit a Harry Potter scarf for a long time now. I didn't just want to buy one, but I wanted to make one. It's on my day zero list of 101 things to do, and it's about time I started crossing things off it. My friend can knit, so when we went to visit her in Aberdeen recently (she goes to uni there), I thought that was the perfect time to get her to teach me how to knit!

I've always wanted to be in Gryffindor so I chose red and yellow wool, and bought some needles. She attempted to show me but I just couldn't get it at all. I hold pens and cutlery weirdly which frustrates her but she knew about it before teaching me! I don't think I'm holding them properly now anyway, but at least I can do it. I started learning the last night we were there, thinking I had plenty of time to ask her for help as we would be travelling all day the next day (seven hours on a train to London, and then five hours on a coach back home) she was coming back with us and I could ask for help.

The only problem was she was in first class, the rest of us were not and I was told off when I went to see her and ask for help. I started off okay, as you can see above, but got into a little bit of trouble. She had to redo a lot for me, and then I was off again! But not for long, I get travel sickness and knitting doesn't help! Eventually thought she showed me how to change the colours, which I'll probably forget when I have to change again and I was finally on the second strip of colour! The patches are a lot smaller than I wanted, but I was impatient to start the next colour, and I'd wanted the scarf to be really wide so that was a lot of work for a newbie like me.

This is where I currently am with the scarf, haven't touched it much since I came back, been busy working, but I really need to settle down and do a lot while watching films or something. The stitches I am doing are knit and purl stitch, which I kept calling purl snitch, I can't seem to help myself! Anyways, I'm hoping to finish this some time before winter if I do a bit here and there and I when she goes back to uni I can ask my boyfriends mum to help me as she knits too!

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