Tuesday, 4 October 2011

The Golden Snitch

Something arrived for me in the post today. The Golden Snitch necklace I'd ordered from Wallpaper Rose had arrived! The packaging was really cute, I love brown wrapping paper and string, it's simple, yet wonderful. I couldn't wait to open it, but wanted to take a picture first, since it was so pretty.

Inside the package was the necklace, wrapped up with a ribbon and tissue paper, and also a business card and a badge! I didn't even order that, so that was a lovely surprise. I really like getting cute business cards, I have a small collection mainly from exhibitions I've been too, but I really want to do something with them all.

And last but not least, the necklace! I love Harry Potter, and want to knit a Gryffindor scarf but haven't got back round to doing it yet. Anyway, I like Harry Potter related items that I can wear and I like that the necklace is subtle and not 'in your face I love Harry Potter!'. 

Wallpaper Rose is a good company to order from. They have a range of necklaces which I'm lusting after, but had to let myself only pick one, sad times, and I really, really want one of the Jen Tees which I've seen a few bloggers wear, but alas, they are out of stock. As soon as they are back in though I am going to buy one! Which colour though, I have no clue!


  1. I love this!! It looks amazing :)

  2. They do so many gorgeous necklaces, I want them all!

    Lisamello xx