Friday, 7 October 2011

What I wore #4, #5 and #6

Not the most creative of titles but that's what it's about. I'm behind on blogging, as in what I wanted to do. I did a to-do list the Wednesday before which I was meant to review the Wednesday just gone, but I haven't, oh well. I've been busy working or down my boyfriends, so haven't had that much time to post. One of the things I wanted to do, was illustrate my outfits every day for a week, like Ellamasters. This I have done, but I haven't painted the last two and I'm too tired to do that now, so you just get three. Plus, I think it'll look nicer than posting them ALL at once, three and two are better than five in a row. So here we go! They're not that interesting.

I found this outfit really hard to draw, the dress/top tunic was really difficult. I hate drawing the sleeves, but this was the best I could do. Also my owl necklace kept looking like a fish >.< and I need to work on the hair ooops, was meant to be a messy bun.

I really liked this one, wish the legs were more symmetrical but I don't really mind, but the colour is off by a lot. It wasn't so off when I painted it, but its meant to be more brown, way more brown than here, where it looks orange! I love my onesie though :)

Hate this drawing! My drawings seem to be getting smaller and smaller! Not what I wanted to do at all. The pen I used seemed to be runny, so I hate the outlines, but I loved wearing that outfit. It was perfect for a not so sunny day. I have two more, I think, to round up the week, then I'll only do it when I feel like it, so the blog won't be bombarded with them! Hopefully I'll be getting the scanner to work by then too so it'll be prettier on here! 

I'm going to be busy the next few days so I won't be posting much. Working tomorrow, which I wish I wasn't. I fell down the stairs yesterday and now my big toe is swollen and bruised, and working tonight for only four and a half hours hurt a bit, so tomorrow will be worse :( Then have a mock driving test, then watching The Lion King 3D with my boyfriend, can't wait! I haven't seen it in years. Then on Sunday I'll be going to the races for my boyfriends brothers birthday. Never been before so that'll be interesting, I hope it doesn't rain! Then Monday I have my real driving test, so I'm really nervous. Hopefully the next post will say I've passed. It's my second attempt, and I failed the last one since I was so nervous, I went into first gear from sixth gear TWICE! Damn shaky hands, I really don't blame him for failing me. If I fail this time though, I'm taking medication next time, wish me luck!

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