Saturday, 31 March 2012

Recent make up haul

Okay so I'm trying to save money here since I practically have none (thanks to a broken car and no shifts in work I swear I'll stop mentioning that!) but I couldn't resist these products. Since Christmas my skin has gone crazy, like super bad when I was fifteen or sixteen and I've gone to the Doctors but I still have scars and want to cover up my skin better, whilst it gets better. This post is mainly for other people who have bad skin and want to find some nice products which help! I saw Char at Peachfizzz post about the first item in the picture, here and the review sounded good so I went to check them out. 

There was a deal on for buy 3 for the price of 2 so I thought why not? I bought the photo flawless skin primer and the blemish balm even though they're practically the same. But! I don't really use foundation, just powder. So the skin primer is more for evening out my skin and making it softer, which it does do, and I haven't had it long but I think it works. The Blemish Balm is a 'All in one' make up product so this is for the days I want more cover up. I remember why I don't really use foundation as I barely have time to get ready in the morning and it leaves my skin shiny but when I actually take the time to do my make up properly and let it sink it it helps cover my skin waaay better when I use the powder on top. And then since it was buy 3 for 2, I bought the pure finish blusher which is awesome. My old blusher is running out, and when I put the powder on I'm super pale. So I need a bit of colour so I don't look dead. When I tried it on in the shop the brush fans out, and this little girl saw and wanted to have a go, so sweet. I love the colour and it's really easy to use.

So I really like all these products, they make me feel a lot better when I have insecure days which happens a lot lately, damn you hormones, I really don't understand, my skin was getting better! Grrr. But these help cover me up and I think they are good quality. I'm glad I saw that post now, since I only ever bought nail varnishes or eyeliner from 17 before and I only branch out to other brands if I see people using them or recommending them, and all in all, along with the deal these cost me about £11 which is good money for value. 

I spotted this Re-Gen cream on Zoella's blog, she also has skin problems so I decided to take her on her word that this works and that she's on her second pot already meant more to me than the rest of it! I ordered it from ebay and have been using it for a few days now. I am seeing improvment, but I don't know whether the doctors treatment is finally working, but this is to reduce the scars I already have so fingers crossed! Since it's sunny I will be out more, and a tan does help hide the scars since I'm deathly pale as I mentioned above! I'm using it twice a day and you can put make up on afterwards without your face feeling weird, so long as you wait.

So lesson learnt is put more time into getting ready and try new products if the old ones aren't working anymore. It's my birthday in less than a month and I want to be happy with the way I look so I want clear skin, lose some weight (going to the gym tomorrow! Last time I forgot my trainers >.<) and do something with my hair. Eventually I want to donate my hair but I don't know when to cut it or have a trim, but I don't like how it is right now.

Anyway hope this post helps anyone out with looking for ways to clear up and cover their skin, since I'm really glad I found those two blog posts and so far they're helping me. This was not exactly a difficult post to write, but that's why I don't really post outfit pictures since I hate my face haha, hate is a strong word but yeah I'm not happy with who I am right now but I'm working on it!


  1. Ooo interesting, i've never heard of these products but will definitely look into them!

  2. That's exactly what my reaction was too, and I'm definitely seeing results with the re-gen cream which makes me happy!

    Lisamello xx