Thursday, 22 March 2012

My baby's been fixed!

And by 'Baby' I mean 'Car'! The above picture is from last week so don't worry I'm not driving it around like that with all the missing pieces. I broke down about a month ago driving home from work and was literally down the road so that was okay, but it was dark, I was on a main road and my hazards stopped working. I was so scared someone would drive into me! They didn't btw, and my brother and mum came to save me. Turns out my timing belt had snapped so everything had to come out or something. I am not good with cars and knowing things about them. I know how to drive and car colours, not makes. Yes I know, I am such a girl, but hey look my car is fixed!

I am so happy I literally just want to drive around everywhere  since I haven't driven it in over a month, but I can't since I don't have much money to spend on petrol since my car cost a LOT to fix. I was lucky that my brothers flatmate who I've known for years is a mechanic and did it for me. He works full time and could only do it on the weekends, and things just kept going wrong so that's why it took awhile but it was way more cheaper than if I'd gone to a garage. If I had it probably would have been cheaper to get a new car, as it would cost more than I'd paid for it and I've only had this since late October so no thanks. 

I was lucky that I didn't break down on a motorway (Ha! I've not gone on one yet!) or was in a car crash. My mum and two of my brothers have been in car/motorbike crashes, only little ones though, as well as a lot of my friends when I was in college and sadly one of my school friends died in a car crash three years ago whilst texting and driving, so it drives me insane if I see someone on their phone texting or calling someone since people do die from it, it makes me especially if they have children in the back too, the amount of people I see doing that you wouldn't believe!

Anyway, sorry for going off on a mini rant, but its very important to me, and I'm very thankful that it was just an engine problem and nothing more serious. Fingers crossed that nothing else goes wrong though yes?

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