Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A car that won't be cleaned

I washed my car the other day, not that you can tell since it's still so dirty!! I scrubbed it with just water, then with soapy car water, and then 'rinsed' it for lack of a better word and it just looks worse, not fair. There are dirty streaks which are more visible now and also someone bashed their car door open against mine and I now have lovely scratches on the door you see in the picture above, but I don't have a picture of that. *sigh*. I also refuse to spend any money getting it cleaned by other people, but will attempt to do it again another sunny day with some more elbow grease!

Oh well, anyway um this was obviously last week when it was sunny and now its back to boring grey clouds and there was even a tiny rain shower earlier today. I've been meaning to do a photo an hour post, or it was mainly just down the beach post, but I can't find my phone cable and then I'm leaving longer gaps between posting. I've also been doing things and forgetting and its getting silly now so here's a little mini post, and I need to catch up on my blog reading but I have to get up early tomorrow for work, joy! (But I am not so secretly happy because yay easter holidays = more shifts!).

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