Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Summer Reading

I spent the day in my garden having a mini picnic reading A Clash of Kings, in preparation for the second Game of Thrones series (it's the second book!). It was lovely and sunny and I had no plans so grabbed a blanket, a book, a drink, and headed to a corner of my garden. This is also a mini outfit post, I wore a checked skirt from Matalan that reminds me of my childhood, when you used to wear those blue gingham dresses during summer in school? I also wore it with a vest from H&M I think, because its a tree and now I've just realised it's a bare tree which reminds me of Winter, oh well.

The book is good, but I'm normally a fast reader and with these books I am not. Each chapter is in a different characters pov so it's really hard for me to get into it. By the time you do, it's onto the next chapter and the next character when you just want to stick with the first one. So it took me awhile to read the first one and I doubt I'll finish the second by the time the series start but I should have at least covered a few of the first episodes :P The reason I'm reading it first is because I do like to read before I watch something, a TV series or a film, and also I asked too many questions last time annoying my boyfriend who has read all of them, oops.

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