Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Magazine Freebies

Okay so I'm not a huge magazine reader but I do like to get them to read in work. Sometimes I take a book but then I don't want to put it down, so magazines are the perfect length and you can pick and choose what to read. I have to say most of the magazines I get, I do pick because of the freebies. However I tend to get these two and company and occasionally others, but not always during the same month. This weeks cosmo had a choice of Clinique products, mascara, face scrub, lipgloss and a moisturiser. I picked the mascara as there wasn't much choice in my local Tescos. Looking online it turns out you're meant to get two products and not one so I'm a bit gutted, but maybe its because I got the travel sized magazine? Anyway I like getting mini mascaras so I can keep them over my boyfriends or in a bag etc. The brush is big and soft, but it doesn't do that much for my lashes compared to my other mascaras, but its good to have spares.

Glamours magazine has Jennifer Lawrence on the cover, and I love her. I am way beyond excited for The Hunger Games so her interview was the first thing I read. I've been wanting to read the books for about a year now, and finally bought the books when the trailer was showing in work a few months ago because the trailer looks awesome and I needed to know what would happen. It's set in a post apocalyptic dystopian future where each district has to send a boy and a girl to go fight to the death in the Televised Hunger Games. It's just pure awesomeness, go read these books now kthnxbi!

Anyways! It came with a mini magazine which is your beauty guide for the award season (not that us mere mortals will be going anywhere!) and the freebie was a Percy & Reed hair product. I've never heard of them before but I loved the packaging, simple but a cute illustration. I chose a conditioner since my hair is a bit frazzled with all the dying I used to do (debating whether to have the chop or not, its half way down my back right now) and I also have the urge to dye my hair again after trying to grow it out. If I do dye it again I need to make sure I keep my hair in tip top condition! Hence the conditioner. It smells lovely and made my hair feel soft, but I haven't noticed anything spectacular yet but then I've only used it once.

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