Saturday, 3 March 2012

I love my new phone

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S2 the other day, I'm in love! My old phones contract was up on St. Davids day (March the 1st) and I thought it was about time to get one of those fancy internet phones, since it really is about time, I mean, who doesn't have internet on their phone nowadays? I was tempted for the iPhone but didn't want to pay loads of money upfront for it, and loads of people said the Galaxy is better including the phone shop people (one of whom is a friend), and I'm only paying an extra £10 a month for it. My boyfriend has an iPhone and tried to persuade me to get one too but I really didn't want to spend loads considering I have to pay for my car! I've downloaded so many apps already, and I'm on facebook and twitter more, and the camera is way better than my first camera! (and better than my actual camera as in, its not broken). I downloaded the blogger app but it says I need a google email to sign in and I don't log into this with a google email so I am very confused and frustrated with that lol.

Anywho! I made some chocolate fairy cupcakes tonight since I was really craving chocolate, and they were yummy. I should have left them in for longer though, and maybe made a few more smaller ones, as these were huge and overflowing, I had to cut the ends off! But it is fun learning what to do better next time. I took the above photo with the pudding app (how appropriate!) which I am in love with too! Oh and some other good news, I mentioned before that my purse was returned to me!!! And my car might be fixed sometime next week *fingers crossed*, its getting really expensive now, but, it would cost at least double what I will be paying if I went to a garage, so I'm trying to stay positive here!

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