Tuesday, 27 March 2012

A little bit of my week, a very interesting title yes

So I haven't been on much since I posted a lot over a short time, I should really space those posts out rather than post two on one day. This week I've been up to Summer stuff but not really taking pictures, and I didn't really want to post anything unless I had my own pictures, since I don't want to use other peoples pictures, and I don't really like posting just text posts. I'm thinking too much about this aren't I?

Oh well I've had my first BBQ of the year, as most of Britain probably has. Here in Swansea, I am still in shock that it's been sunny for days! Like, more than one day! Shocking! So of course everyone's going down to the beach, I haven't gone in the day yet but did wander down there for a night time stroll with my friend who's back from Uni (In Aberdeen!!) for Easter, and there were loads of bonfires. We also saw This Means War, mainly since I wanted to see Tom Hardy, yum! But yeah I had a BBQ with work friends the other night, and pub quizzes like usual and I LOVE driving in this weather. It is so nice to have the windows down and my summer playlists playing. Aaaah tis the life, but I do need to clean my very dusty car now lol, but I can't wait for road trips! 

In other news I am super ill, well I can't stop coughing and I sound like I smoke 40 a day when I've never smoked, so I haven't done as much fun things as I'd like and now my shifts are picking up in work. This is both yay and nay, as I need the money but also want to enjoy this weather with friends who are back for a short time. I've also been addicted to 'Draw Something' which is sooooo good! I jumped on the bandwagon and suggest you do the same.

Anyway! Hope everyone's enjoying this lovely weather while it lasts!


  1. Sorry to hear your feeling poorly :( Hope you feel better soon. Also I completely agree about wanting to use your own photos in posts as it makes everything a bit more meaningful! x

  2. Thanks, I hope so too, nothing worse than a cold in sunny weather!

    Lisamello xx