Sunday, 4 March 2012

Owl love you to the moon and back

I know its not much, but I really do enjoy making my own cards for people, when I have the inspiration. I made an owl card for my boyfriend for Valentines day (and an owl teddy) and carried on the theme for our year anniversary a few days later. I wanted to practice using paints on cards instead and it got a bit messy but I quite like the overall effect for the sky, which turned out completely wrong! I need to get some more ink pens instead of using a thick sharpie, take more time and be neater, and I need to practice my writing! It was never great, and my handwriting has gone downhill since school, college and uni! Not that I wrote much then either, welcome to the internet age! Oh yeah, I know this is a bit of a random post, but I really do have a few blogging ideas up in my head, I just need to get them all down on paper! Or rather, on the internet!

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