Sunday, 26 February 2012

Wish List #2

I think you can tell what I'm lusting after right now, a cute backpack! I have a floral one from Matalan last year, but I want to add to that collection, a girl can never have too many bags right? These bags would be perfect for Summer, but the knitted one I could use right now.

I need a new main bag, as the zip has long since been broken which I was fine with, until I lost my purse! I am SO lucky that someone who works for the bus department found it and brought it back to me! I'd been having a bad week and I had thought it was lost for god since I phoned them twice and they didn't get back to me. I was in work when he came out of his way (usually you go there) to give it to me, and my brother didn't even tell me when I got home and talked to me, he just left me a message on facebook! lol. I found out hours later yesterday and I hope he was very thankful to that man and not just like "Oh okay". But yes I am lucky, this is the third time I've lost my purse and someones either handed it in somewhere or given it to me, I really am pushing my luck. However once, I did lose a mini purse on a night out, so I lost £30 and had to replace my drivers license >.< I really need to be more careful.

Anyway, what things are you all wishing for?

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