Thursday, 29 September 2011

What I wore #1

After reading this post from Ellamasters blog, I decided to try my hand at drawing what I wear, since I'm not hugely confident in taking outfit pictures yet. I haven't really drawn for awhile, plus my hands were shaky (I'd forgotten to eat today, had food after I finished the drawing) and I couldn't find a single paintbrush in my house! I seem to have lost them all :( So instead of using watercolours like Ella, which I really wanted to, I used my pencils. However, guess what! They were all blunt, I couldn't find a single sharpener either :( I really need to get down to an art shop pronto so hopefully I'll have better drawings in the future!

I also need to work out how to use my scanner, since my camera is terrible! I tried editing it in photofiltre (a free photo editing program) to make it look better but meh. The camera made it blurry and the colours look better on paper. I also got rid of what I'd written and rewrote it since I know my handwriting sucks, but I didn't know how bad till I saw it on my screen!

The next one will be better! I swear! Oh well I'm off to a fancy dress make your own superhero costume birthday party! Maybe that should be my next outfit post :P


  1. your illustration looks so cute! I love the pony tail :)

    I have the same problem with art supplies, i have lots of stuff but none of it is a useful state!


    ps you have a lovely blog!

  2. Ah thank you Sam! ^_^
    A lot of my stuff is a bit useless too lol, but I went out and got some paintbrushes and a sharpener at least today, and I really need to sort out my "Art box" soon.

    Also thank you for following me! ^_^ I've follwed you back, I love polkadots too!

    Lisamello xx