Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Making bracelets

A few friends I used to work with make their own bracelets, and they told me about this cute little shop that sold loads of beads. Eventually I went to go find it and it had moved, so I gave up trying to find it, I'm not good with finding places, when I happened to walk past it with my boyfriend the other day! Well more like two weeks ago, and I forgot where it was again, still not sure but I get my boyfriend to tell me where it is.

When I was bored the other day, I dragged him round with me to to find it again, and spent quite a while picking out beads. I only picked out enough to make one bracelet but have been back there once more to get a whole load more of beads!

I know it's not much, but that's the first one I made. I liked the colours and I love the big white ones, they are so sparkly and magical. I picked the heart since its cute, and the other silvery things are animals. They won't show up clearly on my camera, plus lighting's not great since its night, but I have a lion, an owl, a turtle and a duck, random yes, but they were the only ones they had. If I'd had gold there would have been a cat too though... it was tough making decisions :P

A jumble of bracelets!

After making it, I wanted to make more bracelets! Since it's fun and I want to get better at it, like judging the length, and how many beads I need and finishing the end bits etc. I decided to make some for my two of my  friends from America and I asked them for three of their favourite colours without telling them why. When I was in the shop, I saw these cute little teapots and decided to use them too, like a mad hatters tea pot type thing and to tie in the friendship bracelets.

This is the first one I made for my friend, it turned out softer than I thought it would be when she said black, pink and purple.

I had more trouble making this one since I used smaller beads. I'd counted out how many I thought I would need with one or two spare, but that still wasn't enough to cover a wrist nicely, it would be too tight. I'd bought two mixed bag of beads and had to sort through them finding similar colours which worked out quite well if you don't look too closely. It looks a lot nicer in person, this one is my favourite of the tea pot bracelets, when I thought the colours would never go together.

With the mixed bags of beads, I decided to make myself one! Again. I don't really have a favourite colour, they keep changing so I mixed them up without really thinking about the colours, just getting rid of all the odd colours and two of other colours etc. I like it, it reminds me of Howls Moving Castle, the film, if that makes sense.

Anyway, that's my little foray into jewellery making. I bought little bags to put their bracelets in and should be sending them off soon, I hope they like them, I had fun making the bracelets.

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