Saturday, 10 September 2011

End of Summer

I think we can truly say it's the end of Summer now. I know it's September, but I was hoping we'd still get the odd day here or there where it's sunny. That hasn't happened, and its been raining or cloudy, and always cold for awhile now. Of course I live in Wales, so it could be nice in other parts of Great Britain :P 

It was super sunny on the 1st of September though, that was my brothers birthday which was nice for him. I'll have to post pictures I took for the presents I got him and the card I made, but for now I'll post some photos I found from my holiday in Greece at the end of July. That was the sunny summer for me, since I didn't see much of it when I came back!

These were the only photos I took in Greece, since my friends had taken their camera's and mine has a black line down the side, we used theirs. It was early one morning, I think I was woken up by some guys shouting outside my room, which they often did. This was the view outside, so I grabbed the camera to take pictures of the sun rising, I think the colours are lush, and was glad I got to see this, despite lacking in sleep :) 

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