Monday, 12 September 2011

Birthday treats for the Brother

My older brother turned twenty four the other day, and I put a lot of effort into the presents and card I gave him this year. Normally me and my three brothers don't put that much of an effort into presents. We just ask if they want any films or books and get them. My older brother however would put more effort and money into the presents, since he could afford it in the past. 

When he came to visit, he usually does about once a week to get a home cooked meal, we'd asked him what he wanted, and he said he didn't know. When he left the room his girlfriend said she was going to get him a remote controlled helicopter. When he came back him, awhile afterwards said that's what he wanted. I had to say "no, i'm not getting you one" to him, and told him he wasn't responsible enough, since my brothers always break the flying presents they get usually in one day. After he'd gone home, my mum said he was a bit upset feeling like no one was bothering about him and I felt bad, he does get us really nice things.

I decided to get him things from his childhood since he's really like a big kid, it was more like he was turning four than twenty four. My boyfriend just turned twenty five a few months ago, and I went for a childish theme too, it's more fun! Anyway, apart from one grown up thing he did mention, a game of thrones book, I got him things he enjoyed when he was younger. 

  • Mulan was his favourite disney film, I remember seeing it near his birthday in the cinema, Mulan rocks! But now I'll be singing "I'll make a maaaan, out of yoooooou!" for ages now. 
  • I also got him bubbles, since bubbles are always fun! For my twenty first birthday I had a big fancy dress party for superheroes or villains, and the best dressed people won bubbles! People of all sorts of ages were there and all loved them!
  • I got him "retro sweets", I used the quotes since they still sell them now, but it reminds me of those part bags you used to get at parties. 
  • A mini wooden diablo! He used to have a giant red plastic one, but this was cute, but a bit harder, so I felt a bit bad about that lols.
  • And then the book was a grown up thing but I got that first before the childhood theme.

I also made him a card, I've been making cards for people for awhile now. I started with generic ones for birthdays and christmas, but now I try to make them more personal. I'll have to upload some photos I have of them another time. Anyway this is the card I drew for him.

  • Flags cause they remind me of birthdays and are cute! Love bunting flags! 
  • A hat since you used to wear them at parties.
  • My brother as a little kid and holding a helicopter since he made such a fuss about it.

I know its not much, but I'm working on being more creative and I do like to make an effort with presents and cards. I couldn't find any pencils to do this though, so drew it in inky pen, and then realised I had to colour in around it and that's why it's a bit... smudged, dirty or not coloured in properly. I also did it quickly before he arrived, my quick sketch before this was much better, but on paper and not coloured in, oh well.

Anywho, I hope to make cuter and better cards in future rather than buying them, it is one of my 101 things to do, and I'll post some of the old ones and new ones I make :)

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