Wednesday, 21 September 2011

What I wore-sorta

The first picture of myself, a sort of what I wore post, I'm a bit nervous about it. The picture quality's not great since it's night time, and the flash was annoying me, but it has a certain retro feel to it so I like it. Not a full outfit picture since I had no one to take one for me, and no where to set up my timer so a shot in the hallway it was!

I went to Costa tonight for a chat with some friends and hot chocolate, and decided to wear one of my lucky dip Little Fille headbands I bought. I went for a grey, brown and black theme, (even though my mum says they should never be worn together!) and wore my grey velvet headband. I wore it with a primark t-shirt and cardigan, and a grey skirt from H&M with a brown belt, black leggings and brown brogues. I didn't really like the picture for that so didn't add it. 

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