Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Little Fille Headband Giveaway!

Have you heard of Little Fille? They make extremely cute little headbands which I want, want, want! I've recently started wearing headbands and a girl can never have too many right? Well, you might just be in luck, seeing as they are having an amazing competition! It ends tomorrow though, I always blog about competitions late, ooops. But here is what you can win so don't judge me too harshly.

Photo taken from Little Filles post
Look how gorgeous they are, and not just the headbands, but the turbans and peter pan collars too. Oh I love peter pan collars, I would seriously wear those with every non peter pan collared top or dress I have!

I'd already commented on the post, and tweeted about it (but forgot to follow them >.< I have now, I think maybe I thought I was already following them before lol) and now I'm blogging about it in the hope for one more extra entry! They are so cute! I think my favourites are the polka dot ones, corral ones and the purple one at the bottom, or the flowery one, or the white one or all of them!

So quickly enter this competition! And if that's not good enough, Little Fille  are also having a bit of a lucky dip. Pay £10 and you get three surprise headbands. I'm excitedly waiting for them to arrive! My first and two more Little Fille headbands! I don't know which ones they'll be but I think I'll love them all since they are beautiful. Squee!

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