Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Easter

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter. I spent it in work, which I seem to do every year now :( It started off horribly as I almost crashed on the way to work since a woman pulled out in front of me when I was on the main road! It was my right of way and she called me every name under the sun, which was fun. Work wasn't so bad, and then I came home to a lovely chocolate haul and I made nest cakes copying Lyzi from Being Little. I left it last minute to buy eggs for my mum and boyfriend and there were none left in Asda and I had to go to Tesco where they had tiny little ones since all the others were gone or broken >.< need to be more on the ball next year methinks!


  1. what a rude woman! you definitely deserve those yummy chocs after that!

  2. Definitely, especially as the next day my bumper came off my car! It's just not my week :(

    Lisamello xx