Thursday, 26 April 2012

Necklace Wishlist

// Aztec Mini Chevrons // Brass Moustache // Aztec Triangle //  Deathly Hallows //
// Stone Arrowhead //  Dark is the night //  Treasure Trove //

I meant to post this last week but I'd already written a Birthday Wishlist and wanted to do a few more different posts in between for a bit more variety. I want all of these necklaces as they are so pretty! And  girl can never have too many necklaces! Here are my reasons, if you need any, for why I picked these ones.

I'm getting into Aztec styled items for Summer so the mini chevrons and turquoise triangle ones would fit in perfectly without changing my whole style. Moustaches are always fun to wear. In fact earlier I took a picture of me with a moustache on my break in work, since there was randomly a card with different types of mustaches (btw follow me under the username lisamello on Instagram). I also like having geeky jewellery so the Deathly Hallows symbol would be an awesome addition! I already own two golden snitch necklaces from Harry Potter and want Hermiones Time Turner too, and I have Katnis's Mockingjay pin from The Hunger Games, do you think I have a problem?

I have the stone arrowhead necklace already, as I asked for it for my birthday, both that and the Deathly Hallows are actually different from my normal style. While I usually go for long necklaces, they're usually gold or brassy and its nice to have something silver coloured for a change to wear with my outfits. My stone's actually lighter too than in the picture but I prefer that. The last two necklaces are from Bonbi Forest, it was SO hard to pick my favourites from that shop, they are so pretty and magical. The starry sky one is a locket and I would feel like a magical witch wearing that and the treasure trove necklace is absolutely stunning! I used to have loads of stone necklaces from New Age shops when I was younger, but have lost them all, and they were all on black cords or something, so to me this is the grown up version of those, and I would also feel magical wearing it!

So basically I need these pretties in my life!

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