Thursday, 12 April 2012

Birthday Wishlist

So seeing as its my birthday in 11 whole days! (eeek! I'm going to be 22!) I thought I'd do a Birthday Wishlist. It's a very odd mixture I know, but I've lusted after these things for awhile. I've wanted a china glaze polish for ages since I find most of the shades super pretty, it looks like you're looking into space and I want to try galaxy nails at some point when my nails are longer. The mouse ring is super cute, and I don't wear rings  but I can see myself making an exception for this cute little guy. The Mr. Fox satchel? What's not to love! I've seen it around for awhile, but since I've been on a spending ban/only buying cheap things I have held off buying it and I have far too many bags as it it but I need him in my life!

The only thing I've actually asked for were the roller skates. I used to love rollerskating/blading when I was younger till my brother chucked them all away a few years ago :( So this summer I plan on roller skating by the beach with my friend like we used to. With the books I've already got the second one in The Mortal Instruments series, but want to read the first book first. It's quite ridiculous how many books I've read out of order not knowing they were a series, and therefor I get very confused! (Most notably when I read The Subtle Knife before The Golden Compass in His Dark Materials trilogy). And lastly, a geeky choice of a Pokemon game. I had a few of the original games when I was younger, and I could still technically just play silver on my old game boy rather than buy a new updated version of the same game, but, I don't want to restart it and I want to use the pokewalker and new features, but I'm not made of money so that's why I haven't got it yet! And I realise it's a bit to late to hint at my family members, boyfriend and friends for all these, but that's why its called a wishlist right? And I might just buy that mouse ring seeing as he's just under £4 on ebay!

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