Friday, 13 April 2012

Mini week in Instagram

Okay so I have no idea how to do the bigger grid mosaic things, help? The only ones I can find are the 9 image ones, oh well, at least I have Instagram now :D Btw these photos aren't in order.

1 - My Easter Haul, nom, nom chocolate!
2 - I bruised my thumb on my steering wheel of all things, the drive home was fun! And now my thumb is mostly useless.
3 - Ben & Jerry's Milkshake, mmm. I went to see Wrath of the Titans and Pirates in an Adventure with Scientists. (Not on the same day but I have once watched 5 films in a row! Never again!)
4 - Well my car's bumper only went and FELL OFF! Why does my car hate me? *sob* Well it was my fault but it shouldn't have fallen off, yaknow?
5 - A mini outfit post, pink, polka dot and the golden snitch. 
6 - Me trying on a heart dress from H&M which I bought along with a few other things.
7 - I went to Pets at Home just like to look at all the cute animals and wish I had one.
8 - My Mockingjay pin! I've worn it  a few times and its one of my first Instagram pictures and my favourite.
9 - Another mini outfit post, with a bird print dress from H&M and purple tights. I also wore it with my Mockingjay pin and my hair in a braid so I was channeling Katnis from The Hunger Games a bit, with the birds, the pin and the hair. But not really the tights or dress lol.

So that's a little mini week in Instagram and I need to work on it and maybe take more photos to have a better collage really. Overall my week sucked, my car keeps breaking on me, and my bumper is now gaffataped up! It is actually falling to pieces. I keep injuring myself and have random bruises everywhere. Also we had a powercut in work on one of our busiest nights, at the busiest time and it lasted for ages. I work in a cinema so that was fun! *eye twitch* Actually it was okay, since I work with nice people, but I don't like dealing with mad customers as I am a delicate flower, or rather a wimp! Anyways hope everyone else has had a better week than me! Oddly enough, I had better luck today on Friday the 13th than I've had all week!

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