Friday, 20 April 2012

Hey do you want to enter a super awesome giveaway?

Well look no further! Since Lyzi from Being Little is holding a 2000 follower giveaway! 2000 followers! Crazy, I only have 10 lol (Thanks for following me!!! :D). I've been following her blog for awhile now, and it  is one of the cutest blogs I read, ranging from outfit posts, reviews and all the crafty things she creates. I know I'll probably sound like a dweeb for saying this but I'm surprised she doesn't have even more followers, but happy that she she's reached a huge milestone!

I seriously love everything that is in the giveaway and need them all in my life plzkthnxbi! I've wanted a few things from the contributors for awhile now or now want things from the new shops I've found. I don't even know what's my favourite from the photo above, since they're all my favourites which kinda defeats the point of something being the 'favourite' am I right? Anways I'm rambling, you want to know about the awesome giveaway right?

Crown and Glory are offering a sparkly bow and £10 voucher for their shop. 
Little Nell is offering two necklaces, a feather and a key, and two friendship bracelets.
Me & Zena are offering two necklaces, a robot and heart necklace.
Seventy Tree is offering a mirror and some cute masking tape.
Oh my clumsy heart is offering a squirrel brooch.
Annarack is offering a homemade triangle necklace and some buttons.
Motel Rocks is offering a tote bag and a £30 voucher.
Alphabet bags is offering a tote bag.
And Lyzi the giveaway host herself is offering a handmade creature of your choice (I already own a cute kitten).

See how awesome everything is? I've linked to everyones shops above so you can check out more of their items but you can follow their twitters, blogs or facebook pages too if you click though to the giveaway post here. Good luck everyone! Even though I really hope I win, I never win anything! *fingers crossed* Oh and speaking of giveaways, I really want to host one, maybe if I ever get to 50 followers eh? Oh well!


  1. wow that is an amazing giveaway! thanks for letting us know yay!

    1. I know right? It's so amazing! Good luck :D

      Lisamello xx