Saturday, 7 April 2012

Mumbles Adventure

I really love where I live when its sunny, who doesn't? It just makes everything so much nicer. When we had Summer like weather last week me and the boy went off for a trip to Mumbles in Swansea. We got some Joe's Ice cream (it is so delicious!) I always get a chocolate sunday :), went to the arcade, traded in our tickets for sherbert, collected rocks (well I did) and climbed hills taking in the view. It was a really nice way to spend the day.

We went to Braclet Bay in Mumbles which is more of a rocky beach, which suited me just fine. It was windy so I didn't want sand everywhere and I'd walked along the main sandy beach with my friend a few days before. I really like collecting rocks, and most of the ones above are now in a glass bowl in my living room. I also like stacking shells but I didn't bring them home with me. My boyfriend thought I was a bit weird taking so many photographs and collecting rocks, but I always have done. We climbed up that giant hill, which was a bit difficult for me since I wasn't wearing proper shoes and it hurt, ooops. The views were amazing though as you can see and now I'm sad the weather sucks and is Wintery again, bah humbug. Next time its sunny I'll try going to different parts of Swansea, or rather Gower, there are so many different beaches and I need to take advantage of them all!

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