Wednesday, 25 April 2012

What I wore: My 22nd Birthday

The quality's pretty bad and the drawings all wonky but I've not had time so I hope it doesn't look too terrible. I didn't actually get a photo of just me on my birthday, I usually do for it (and usually in fancy dress) but I'm only in a few photos with other people so it's an illustrated outfit post once again! I've had no time to do a better one nor will as it was my birthday, then I was hungover and it was my friends birthday, and today it was my mums birthday then I had work, and then I'm working tomorrow and Friday and Saturday and yeah so I didn't have that much time and I have a few blog ideas in mind to do before May. May! Why is it so close? It feels like it's still January to me, both time and weather wise! (Upcoming blog posts are a necklace wishlist, a blog parcel swap, shopping haul, 23 before 23, cupcake recipe and week in Instagram, lets see if I actually do them all!).

I wore a stripey dress I got from (I can't remember where will update) on sale for £7, bargain! It's strapless and looks a lot better in real life, and the skirt goes out more, very pretty and girly. It came with a yellow belt I didn't fancy wearing, but probably will wear it with other dresses. I also wore a black cardigan, tights and velvet shoes from Primark. They have now fallen apart and have been chucked away since the floors were so sticky where I went, they actually ripped the shoes apart! That's cheap shoes for you though! And I did wear them nearly every day when it wasn't raining. I also wore a necklace I got for my birthday which is actually part of a necklace wishlist I've been putting together that I haven't posted yet, ooops! That will be up soon, so many necklaces, so little time...

Oh yeah what do you think of the whole no nose and mouth thing? Does it look cute or too creepy with the demon doll eyes? And I'm trying to colour my hair how it actually is, my roots are quite light and the rest of my hair is dyed darker and is just a little bit shorter than I've drawn it. My friend curled it for me as my attempts didn't work and our boyfriends were making jokes about us taking forever to get ready but as I said before, I was the birthday girl so could afford to be late :P 

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