Friday, 16 December 2011

Tis the season to be Jolly

Fa la la la la la la la!

I went to a Christmas Meal the other day and got very, very jolly! My camera died after taking about five pictures, and they were a bit blurry, but I am still not going to get a new camera until it dies completely! Since it seems I just brake them all the time :( Other people took loads of photos, but most of them are terrible haha, it was good fun. The tables were nicely decorated, hence the above photo, I do love me some ornaments in large glass bowls (I really want a glass bowl, yes I'm sad) and crackers! Lots of people were told off when they tried opening them before food haha, there were above 50 odd people so it was very cosy.

We had table "competitions", well not really but to see who could sing the loudest and toast the most etc. I didn't really eat that much, I had tomato soup and bread which was lush, then there were only two vegetarian options and I hate mushroom so I opted for a goats cheese tart. Except I didn't realise it had cranberry sauce on it, which I hate, I am the fussiest eater ever! The salad and potatoes were super sweet, with a horrible sweet dressing yeuch, and I don't like salad either. I took a few parsnips, carrots and potatoes from the side dishes and left the rest. The desert was nice, orange and chocolate cheesecake, but I didn't expect there to be bits of orange in it, I know, stupid of me, and guess what, I hate oranges too! I like the orange flavoured things just not the fruit, like strawberries and onions.

Then it was Secret Santa! The idea was if you brought a present you'd get one, no names of anything. I bought a sheep teddy bear, and made a tag about his details, and a "hand drawn" card by the sheep. What I got in return was a..... booby mug. Yes it was a mug in the shape of a boob with a hole and all! Not the greatest haha. I ended up leaving it there anyways.

Anyways it was a fun night and very Christmassy! Lots of hats, from crackers and home made or costume (since it was a drama event!) old cheesy music, and cracker fights! I might update what I wore here or in another post, or draw it, but now I have to dash, gotta go to work! I can't wait for Christmas eeek!

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