Sunday, 18 December 2011

DIY Personalised Christmas Stocking

Just a quick Christmas DIY, I never really thought much about setting up whilst doing it, but now I wish I had as these quick snaps annoy me! Plus I need to do them early, when its light out, but I'm mostly creative when its dark, even if that is at 5pm! Shocking! With Christmas one week away (eeeeek!) here is a cute, really simple, cheap, cute idea for how to present your presents. A DIY personalised Christmas stocking!

What you will need is plain stockings, I got mine from Tesco, something like five for a £1 or even cheaper than that. Some felt or whatever material you want to make your names out of. I used felt as that's what the stockings are made out of. I had some felt on hand in green and red, but you can buy them in a craft shop really cheaply too. You'll also need a pen or pencil for writing on the felt, some scissors and a sewing needle and thread. I couldn't find white thread, so used yellow as it's quite light, and I wanted it to contrast with the dark colours.

Write your letters and cut them out. I used a black sharpie since I was cutting the edges off anyway and wasn't worrying about black marks on the letters. I wasn't trying to be neat since I was going to cut them out, you might not feel the need to write them on first, but I wanted them roughly the same size. I'm doing these for my boyfriend, mum and three brothers, so that's a few letters of a few different names up there!

I altered the colours of each letter rather than stick to one colour, and think the dark red and green go quite nicely with the bright red.

Once you've cut out all your letters, arrange them how you like on the stocking to get a general idea of where to place them.

Then sew them on! I know this is a different name, but its the first one I finished as its the shortest! I hand sewed these on, when originally I was going to use my sewing machine. Then I realised if I used it, I would have sewn the stocking together unless I wanted to cut it open, sew on the name, then sew it back up but I think I would make that a bit messy.

Anywho! There you go! Really simple, but it does take a little  bit of time, I prepared everything, cut out the letters and sewed my mums stocking all whilst watching one episode of Glee! I'll have to finish the rest later on, seeing as I'm going to go watch Arthur Christmas finally with my friend, and I need to wrap her birthday and Christmas presents and give them to her early. Next year I want to make Christmas Stockings from scratch, and experiment with them, but I'm happy with these for this year. I've also wrapped up their presents really nicely too so they can't complain! One week! Eeeek!

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