Sunday, 11 December 2011

A Christmassy Evening

I've had quite the Christmassy Evening as my title would suggest, doing Christmas things whilst watching a Christmas film, Love Actually. I actually love that film! Ha...ha, I'm so funny I know.... anyways! The above picture shows one of my favourite story lines from the film, its so sad, and sweet, but there are a fair few sad and sweet storylines in this film.

I've wrapped up my family's presents, photos to come another time, and written my work Christmas cards (Just under 40 of them!). I like writing cards, and I bought some cheapyish ones from Primark, but they are cute! I've also listed them in alphabetical order, hmm do I need help? For my family, boyfriend and close friends I'll be doing hand made cards which I've yet to do. I also need to wrap my friends presents, and my boyfriends, I have a different way of wrapping all set up for them! Just need a few bits and pieces, but I'm done with the big Christmas shopping. Oh yeah, I need to make gift tags, well I don't need to, but I saw an idea which I think is super cute. I also need to try my hand at a few handmade things, like dolls, bracelets, cookies and photoframes especially. Oh that reminds me! I need to print off some photos eeek, I have quite a list and its two weeks away! But I love Christmas!

P.s This is my 50th post! The most I've ever posted on a blog, I usually give up!

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